Wednesday Links

While I haven’t been blogging this week, I’ve been busy with the blog itself. You may have noticed that you were redirected to my new web address –! See ya,, it was time to get a little more professional, and it wasn’t nearly as difficult to implement as I thought it would be. I also finally bit the bullet and invested in a DSLR camera so this may be the last post where I’m relying on iphone images! It may take a while to truly understand the features the DSLR has to offer, but I’m excited to delve into all that can be achieved with a nicer camera. Speaking of which, does anyone have recommendations for photography books or classes I should look into?

Now, on to a few Wednesday links:

  • The Kate Spade surprise sale is back. In the past, I’ve picked up some great deals on jewelry (Kate Spade makes hands down the best quality costume jewelry out there). The handbags are a steal, too.
  • If you’re still in a shopping mood after the Kate Spade surprise sale, check out the Elizabeth McKay sample sale for 75% off the entire site. Her dresses are so beautifully made and are an absolute steal during this sale.
  • While I was setting up my new blog address, I went ahead and purchased too. This article on Levo League makes me think I need to utilize that as a sort of online portfolio. Has anyone done this or have any good examples of a well done personal website?
  • How adorable are these glittery totes? While I ran out of time this year, in an ideal world I would do a girls Valentine’s night the week before Valentine’s day and have wine and crafting. There’s always next year… or perhaps just crafts and wine without the holiday.
  • This video has been all over the internet today, but it really is captivating and makes me glad I have tickets to go to the ballet this month because it’s been way too long.

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