Weekend Links

In the time I’ve been sitting here pulling together all the links that caught my eye this week, I have literally gotten up 5 times to get a Thin Mint cookie from the pantry. I swear each one is the last one, yet three minutes later I’m back up. Maybe I’m burning off the calories with all the walking back and forth? Regardless, this leads me to two links to start you off, a recipe for homemade thin mints (this could ruin me) and an official Girl Scout cookie taste test from Glamour.

Some of my favorite little pretties. 

  • I keep coming across mentions of Nicole Lapin’s book Rich Bitch and I need to order a copy ASAP. This article explains her reasoning behind her book’s title and why women need to step up and be confident and empowered with their financial lives. 
  • Amy Stone’s light and bright West Village apartment is 450 square feet but seems twice that size because of her inspired use of space and intentional, yet casual, styling. On the small space note, I’m totally blown away by this tiny 90 square foot apartment. I couldn’t do it, but this fashion girl makes it work.
  • I have a haircut tomorrow morning bright and early and though I’m not springing for bangs as I’ve been threatening for a while, I am going to go much shorter. I love Kim from Kensington Way’s hair and am thinking that’s the perfect inspiration for my straight and thick locks. 
  • I’m a sucker for a quirky winter sweater and I am seriously tempted now that this abstract fair isle sweater is more than 50% off, though perhaps the scarf is a better, smaller, dose of color.
  • In the image above, there’s a gold sea urchin box from One Kings Lane. This little gold accent houses matchboxes I’ve collected on my way out of delicious restaurants and dimly lit bars. I love the idea of adding in personalized matchboxes with my monogram.
  • The earrings above are from my second Rocksbox (I also received an amazing Loren Hope necklace!) Remember, just a week or so more to use the code pineapplesandpearlsxoxo to try out a free month of Rocksbox.

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