Coffee Table Book Favorites

Coffee table books are a decorating must for every blogger, so of course I have quite the array of books ranging from fashion to interior design to food to style icons. The four books below, however, are my absolute favorites. I recently bought Elements of Style, as I mentioned in this post, and I love both this book and Domino: The Book of Decorating for their beautiful imagery that’s paired with accessible and functional decorating tips. These are books that look pretty but are also wonderful to refer to again and again. Slim Aarons’ Once Upon A Time is a collection of fabulous people doing fabulous things that’s fun to flip through and gorgeous to have sitting out on a table. Lastly, I minored in Architectural History in college, so of course I have a favorite architectural style, which happens to be mid-century residential. The best examples came out of Florida and California, so I love this book on modern Florida houses from 1945-1970.

Look out for an upcoming post on coffee table styling. Books alone do not make a coffee table, trays, decorative objects, matchbooks, etc. are all key styling elements that create a beautiful tablescape. However it’s also important to leave room for an actual cup of coffee or glass of water! Stay tuned for that post!


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