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Last week was the busiest week I have had in a while and I was so glad to finally be able to take a breath this weekend! Returning from vacation late Monday night to plans every night after work, trying to fit in 6 AM workouts each morning, as well as a slew of errands and personal work that needed to get done was getting the best of me. This week should be far more relaxing, though I’m trying to keep up with that early morning workout schedule. It’s amazing how much more you can accomplish when you have your entire evening free!

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  • A post on the Future of Blogging was circulating around the internet last week. It’s an interesting read for those who blog and even those who are readers. 
  • I’ve got to say, the most bizarre blogging trend that I have seen thus far is all the bloggers adopting snapchat. I do not think I could merge the silly snaps I send my friends with my blogging brand, nor would I want to, though I did find this article that makes a case for why some love this blogging trend.
  • Speaking of wish lists, I finally bit the bullet and got a big girl watch! The Kate Spade Surprise Sale has items up to 75% off and I snagged a sophisticated and timeless gold watch (I love a chunky Michael Kors, but I just wanted something a little more classic.)
  • Of course I am still trying to be on a healthy eating kick (I fell off the wagon yesterday, to say the least), and I’ve been trying to satiate my sweet tooth with lower calorie options including pudding with a bit of fruit. While it may not be as decadent as the banana pudding I was chowing down on in Nashville a couple weeks ago, it does the trick. 


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