Pineapples and Pearls does Facebook

It’s been on my to-do list for ages, and I finally got around to creating a Facebook page for Pineapples and Pearls. I’ve always tried to limit how much I put my blog up on my own Facebook page, and while I’ll still link to it every once in a while, I’ll do most updates on the Facebook page. Along with new blog post updates, I’ll alert y’all anytime I see a must read article, to die for pair of shoes, or great sale. 

pineapples and pearls facebook

Make sure to follow along for all the blog updates by liking my Facebook page here. And, in other exciting blog news, I rearranged my bedroom completely so that I can actually fit a desk and have a designated blogging spot. As comfy as sitting on my bed, at the kitchen table, or on the sofa might be, I have been wishing for a place to put a desk for the longest time. I’ll definitely have a post coming on that apartment update soon.

In the meantime, join in on the fun on Facebook!


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