Flip Flopping Around

Yesterday I profiled a talented friend who has launched her own textile line, and today I’ve already got another friend of mine to share with you who’s out there creating awesome and unique things.

I distinctly recall sitting in the park across the street from my apartment one lazy Sunday a couple summers ago listening to this friend talk about a line of flip-flops he wanted to launch. Made of tennis ball felt. Called Chesters. My initial reaction was “huh? tennis ball felt? why?” But, now that Chesters are out there in the world and I have a pair myself, I get it. They’re sporty, unbelievably comfortable, and who doesn’t love neon?

You can get Chesters on zulily this week for 40% off—you’ll definitely want to pick up a pair as we’re getting ready for warmer weather and you realize you need to replace those boring flip flops you’ve been wearing for a few too many seasons.

1 Women’s Pink and Neon Yellow Tennis Flop – 2 Men’s Light Blue and Neon Yellow Tennis Flop

3 Kid’s Navy and Neon Yellow Tennis Flop – 4 Kid’s Pink and Neon Yellow Tennis Flop

5 Women’s Navy and Neon Yellow Tennis Flop

You can get Chesters for men, women, and kids in a whole slew of different logo colors. I love the pink and light blue, but the navy is also great if you’re going for a slightly subtler look. Check them out below.


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