Displaying Your Engagement Pictures at Home

Okay y’all, I think this is my last blog post regarding engagement pictures, but no guarantees. I walked you through how to pick your photographer (ours was Lauren Louise Photography!), then how to plan your perfect engagement shoot, and how to use those photos for save the dates. Now it’s time to take those gorgeous engagement photos and display them in your home!


Since we’re in a small space, there’s not a ton of room to display our engagement photos in your typical pretty frame on a dresser kind of way. So, we had to get creative in how we displayed them in our home and, to be honest, I put it off for a couple months. I had a few that I really loved as my phone and computer backgrounds, but beyond that, I was just sitting on a bunch of unprinted files.

But, you pay good money for engagement photos! They shouldn’t be relegated to a folder on your computer desktop! So, that’s where Artifact Uprising stepped in. I spent hours perusing their website and all of the stunning and unique options for photo display before deciding on a couple that would work within our home.

Outfit notes: I’m wearing a striped shirt from J.McLaughlin that, unfortunately, they don’t make in a classic stripe anymore, however you can find a similar striped shirt here. The leggings are a high waisted pair from J.Crew and the earrings are also J.Crew.



The first item on my engagement photo display agenda was creating a photo book. I loved the fabric hardcover option available through Artifact Uprising, and though I decided that splurging on the layflat album could wait for the wedding, I knew that the fabric cover would look classic displayed with a book jacket on our coffee table.

While I quickly decided on a size, fabric color, and layout for our photo book, I’ll be honest in saying that I was totally intimidated at first by the process of putting together an album of all our engagement photos. I was never a scrapbooker, so this process does not come naturally to me. However, I took the plunge, uploaded all of our photos onto the Artifact Uprising website, and decided to start putting the best of the best in the book chronologically (makes sense, right?). I tried to alternate between full bleed pages, multiple picture layouts, and large images set on a white page. As long as you don’t get too caught up in obsessing over photos and page layouts, it’s actually a fairly quick process. Remember, the photos are beautiful, your book is going to look amazing, don’t get caught up in overthinking the layout!

When our book arrived just a week later, it was everything I hoped it would be. A hefty weight. Stunning images. Minimalist pages. It’s definitely a keepsake that has us looking through our engagement pictures again and again.



Of course I also wanted to have a framed image from our engagement collection in our home, but I didn’t want to go too crazy since I know I’m going to have a tough time holding back when it comes to wedding pictures. So, I picked our absolute favorite image from our engagement shoot and had it framed in one of Artifact Uprising’s Modern Metal Frames. Not only did this frame work with the moody color palette of our living room gallery wall and the modern lines of our aesthetic, but the dark graphite color of the frame perfectly complemented the shades of gray within the photo. I’m definitely not someone who likes the typical shiny silver wedding photo frames, and this style of framing is a wonderful alternative. Plus, it’s reasonably priced for a matted print.

You can find all sorts of framing options on Artifact Uprising, from floating frames to tabletop frames to photo ledges to Instagram friendly frames. It’s so easy to upload your photos and have them beautifully framed and at your door in a matter of days.



Still looking for more ways to use your engagement photos around your home? I absolutely love Artifact Uprising’s calendar options. They’re a far cry from the photo calendars of yesteryear. Who wouldn’t want this adorable wooden clipboard calendar? Or this timeless brass easel calendar? You can guarantee I’ll be making one of those with our wedding photos for 2019. I also love this brass photo display box – it’s perfect for keeping at your desk and switching up the photos from time to time.

So, for those of you who’ve done engagement shoots, how did you use your photos? Are they still sitting unprinted or did you find a creative way to display them in your own home? I’d love to hear new ideas!



Thank you to Artifact Uprising for gifting me this stunning photo book and framed photograph! As always, I only share brands that I love with you and I am so grateful to the brands that make this blog possible!



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