Getting Wedding Ready at SkinDC


Y’all, I swear my wedding snuck up on me. I had all these big plans to follow primping plans in the last months before the big day that included facials, massages, and what not. Well, that 100% did not happen, but I did manage to squeeze in a few things to keep me looking and feeling my best.

I lost 15 pounds (to be honest, 10 of that was what I had gained since moving to our apartment on H Street, where I only have a 7 minute walk to the metro and I work from home), used white strips religiously in the weeks leading up to the wedding, and face masked more days than not. I followed my normal beauty routine, just amped up a little. I didn’t miss a day of jade rolling and I used my PMD every morning.


Of course, one of the areas I was most focused on throughout the lead-up to my wedding, and an area I’m always focused on, is skincare. I do my best to check out the latest products, always use an SPF, wash my face every single night, and I follow a fairly extensive skincare routine.

But, creams and serums only go but so far, and I have always been 100% in favor of taking advantage of all the tools available. I get a single dent in between my eyebrows (it gets even worse when I’m tired…and then makes me look even more tired!), and, since I was 30, I’ve been getting a bit of Botox right there to relax that muscle and even out the area between my eyebrows.




Before your first appointment, just remember that even though it’s still kind of hush-hush to talk about Botox, it’s becoming increasingly common. I’m always totally open about it because there’s no reason not to discuss it! If you’re looking for somewhere in the DC area to book your first appointment, definitely look at SkinDC, who I worked with on this post.

You’ll definitely want to communicate what it is you want. Sure, some people want a frozen face, but most people are looking for a more natural appearance. I’d be willing to bet more people than you realize actually get Botox (a lot of the women I know here in DC do), but they do so in a way that still looks like them. Make sure you communicate that you want a natural look so that you’ll be happy with your end result.

You may not need Botox everywhere. For me, I only really need Botox in between my eyebrows. As I’ve been told, I don’t have much movement in my forehead as it is, so there’s no need to load that area up with Botox. You can save money if you don’t need to do every area.

Before your appointment, avoid Ibuprofen as that can cause bruising (I’ve never had more than a pin-prick bruise!). After your appointment, avoid anything that has you turning upside down or intense working out for 12-24 hours. I’ve been told that the Botox today doesn’t spread, but I still like to be on the safe side.


When you go to your appointment, it’ll be over far faster than you anticipate. It’s so not a big deal! The technician may take before pictures, swab your skin with some alcohol or numbing cream, and then the doctor or PA will have you make a few phases to exaggerate where your lines are. A few tiny pin-pricks later, and you’re done! You’ll likely have a few red bumps afterwards, but those will go down within 15 minutes to an hour. You can totally do this on your lunch break.

You should expect to see results within 2 weeks, possibly within 1 week. So, don’t expect that you’ll leave your appointment looking like the wrinkle-free version of yourself. Be patient.

Everyone responds differently to Botox. I have some friends that go in every 3-4 months and others that go every 8 months to a year, like I do. Your body chemistry is different than anyone else’s, so you’ll just have to see how your skin responds to Botox, how quickly the results kick in, and how long they last.

Most respectable doctors or nurses will provide a touch-up free of charge if you aren’t seeing your desired results after 2 weeks. This has been the case everywhere I’ve gone, including SkinDC where I went for this treatment.




This is a touchy question, because no matter who you ask, you’ll probably get a different answer. Many medical professionals swear it is preventative because if you can’t move the muscles, then you can’t form wrinkles. That logic of thinking seems to make total sense to me, so I’m going with it!

Other say it’s not, and that your skin is going to weaken over the years regardless – forming wrinkles. In my non-professional opinion, your best bet is likely to follow an effective (and moisturizing!) skincare routine, use SPF daily, and, if you want to, add in preventative Botox.


I’ve been to many different doctors in the area over the past several years, and each was a totally unique experience, however I would 100% recommend SkinDC, where I went for this treatment. When I posted on Insta Stories about my experience, so many people messaged saying they also go to this office and that they absolutely love it.

I saw Dr. Keaney, and I felt that he listened to my concerns – that I wanted a touch-up, but I needed it to look as natural as possible since I was getting married in 3 weeks. He delivered exactly what I wanted, and had I needed to revisit the treatment, I could have done so in 2 weeks (I didn’t need to!). I will definitely be back, and would consider looking at other skincare treatments available at SkinDC in the future.


Thank you to Allergan, SkinDC, and Dr. Terrence Keaney for providing me with a complimentary appointment! All opinions, as always, are my own – and I’ve been doing this same procedure for years, so you know I’m a fan!


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