DIY Hack: How to Reuse Candle Jars and Containers

These days, we’re all looking for easy ways to do projects with what we have around the house, so I was delighted when my DIY hack to reuse candle jars was featured on Apartment Therapy. The article discussed 20 (Basically) Free Makeovers to do at Home with Stuff You Already Have, so you’ll definitely want to check it out if you’re getting that DIY bug and are antsy to start making home improvements…but aren’t quite sure when you’ll actually be able to get out to shop again.


Y’all know I usually love to buy candles on a budget, so I’m not typically dealing with candle jars that I even want to reuse, but, on occasion, I’ll have a candle that’s vessel is so pretty that it deserves a second life. Often, those candles are from Voluspa, like the ones shown in the image below. I use the small ones for paper clips, q-tips, bobby pins, and hair pins, while the larger ones are perfect for bigger toiletries and desk items that need to be corralled.

Plus, any excuse for me to have something do double duty and avoid buying something else is a win.

So, how exactly do I reuse candle jars and containers? It’s a super easy process.

  1. Let the wax harden and loosen it a bit with a dull knife.
  2. Set the candle jar in the freezer to shrink and further harden the wax.
  3. After a few hours, the wax should pop right out. You can use the dull knife again to pop out and pieces that are stuck.
  4. Use the knife to clean out the residue as much as possible and wash the jar as you would any dish.
  5. You’re ready to use your new jar!

Tip One: there may or may not be a metal piece in the bottom holding your wick in place — this may not come out.

Tip Two: if you’re dealing with a glass jar, don’t get greedy and try to burn it to the very end. I’ve done that and ended up with a cracked glass jar rather than something I could reuse. 

CANDLE NOTES: Voluspa Ambre Lumiere


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