Finding the Right Fit: Are Madewell Jeans Worth It? Updated 2023

Continuing the trend of posts inspired by Facebook group conversations, I recently sought out the perfect pair of jeans and, in this first of two Finding the Right Fit posts, I looked to answer the question, “Are Madewell jeans worth it?”. 

I’ve always been a bit of a jeans minimalist. I don’t have 15 pairs sitting in my closet. If I have one dark wash, one medium, and one light wash, I’m happy. And, I hadn’t invested in a new pair in a while. But I realized that apparently the spandex in jeans can wear out over time and lead to sagging in the knees and waist. This is where I was, and I needed a new pair.

Finding the Right Fit: The Search for New Jeans

So, it was time to set out to find the perfect pair of jeans. Professional, yet cool. Super high-waisted. NO raw hems (seriously, can we please just put this look to bed?!).

I did what I always do when I have a question and went straight to Facebook. I polled the women of the Forever 35 Facebook group and saw a few answers show up again and again: Madewell. Everlane. Gap. Levi’s.

And, I did what any good millennial online shopper does. Placed like 30 orders. Seriously, I think I ordered at least 30 pairs of jeans.

Outfit Notes: Rothy’s Shoes / Madewell Shirt / Madewell Curvy High Rise Jeans / $15 Sunglasses / Mejuri Editor Hoops

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The Winner: Are Madewell Jeans Worth It?

And, the winner, by no surprise given how highly recommended they were, was a pair of Madewell jeans. Everyone raves about them. People are Madewell devotees who never stray. There’s a reason an entire tab on their website is Denim.

I ordered almost every style they make in high-waisted jeans and there were actually a few pairs I could have kept, but, since I like to go minimal (and, because Madewell jeans aren’t cheap), I went with the Curvy High-Rise Jeans in Danny Wash: Tencel®. Here’s a little about them:

  • The Curvy style is a godsend for people with bigger bottoms and smaller waists. I always have to get my jeans tailored, so this is a savings of at least $20.
  • Tencel® makes these jeans so super soft and they keep their shape (gross, maybe, but I haven’t washed them yet…I mean, y’all know you’re not supposed to wash jeans, right?!)
  • I went with the regular length, but I went down a size in these.

And, after a few weeks of wearing these, do I find Madewell jeans worth it? Absolutely. These fit like a dream. Exactly like the first day I put them on. The high-rise is right above my belly button, the material is super soft, I didn’t need them tailored at the waist or hemmed, and they’re professional, yet casual. Perfection in denim.

The Jeans Losers

You’re probably wondering, what about all those pairs of jeans I didn’t keep? Well, let’s run through what I thought of each…

Everlane: I love Everlane, however I don’t understand their jeans’ cult following — and I’ve been glad to see a similar sentiment expressed by others in Facebook groups when people ask for real opinions. The thing is, I’ve been sent Everlane jeans in the past and I liked them well enough. However, they do stretch out. And, I don’t think they’re that flattering. They’re a mom jean and not in a cute way. Plus, they’re huge in the waist even on the curvy fit.

Levi’s: I came really close to keeping the Levi’s jeans. They were almost everything I was looking for and they were a great price. However, they fit me just a bit loose in the crotch area. Definitely worth a shot though.

Gap: Honestly, I thought their 90s inspired jeans might be the winner. You can’t beat the price, they’re super soft, and they’re high-waisted (though could be higher). I was totally on board. But, after a day of wear, the knees and waist stretched out…and I took these right back to the store.

finding the right fit jeans - madewell jeans worth it - madewell curvy high-rise jeans - madewell tencel jeans

finding the right fit jeans - madewell jeans worth it - madewell curvy high-rise jeans - madewell tencel jeans

Photos by Lauren of DC Girl in Pearls


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  1. March 18, 2020 / 5:03 am

    I just got my first pair of Madewell Jeans during a Cyber Week sale and I love them! Totally worth the price point I think. Zara is my favorite for moderately priced jeans- I think theirs hold up very well for being under $50!

    xoxo A

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