My Favorite Etsy Jewelry Finds from Small Businesses

When I buy jewelry, I prefer not to go mass market, I like to find interesting local designers and Etsy jewelry finds from legitimate small businesses (yes, to burst your bubble, a lot of Etsy jewelry is mass-produced fast fashion).

Whether it’s vintage (I’ve discussed my love of vintage Etsy jewelry here before!), from a local designer, or someone I’ve come across on Instagram and tracked down via Etsy, I like to know that my jewelry has a story. If someone says, “I like your earrings!”, I like to be able to reply, “Thanks! They’re from this awesome DC-based jeweler, you should check her out!” (Okay, 90% of the time that’s Mallory Shelter, who is not on Etsy, but you should absolutely take a look at her website and maybe swing by her store if you’re in DC.)


I’m wearing three of my favorite Etsy jewelry finds here — they’re all pieces I wear on a weekly, if not daily, basis. And, all three are great prices and high-quality pieces and I like knowing that they came from someone who’s putting their own creativity into designing, rather than just picking something up from J.Crew or Target or wherever (not that I don’t have plenty of jewelry I love from J.Crew, it’s just not my preference when possible!).

So, without further ado, here are a my favorite Etsy jewelry finds…

Allison Street NW Lauren Terracotta Earrings

I first discovered Allison Street NW at a Shop Made in DC store and was all about the bold, geometric black terracotta earrings. I love earrings that make a statement and these fit the bill, but in a way that’s more casual than my usual big gold earrings. Plus, these are the best price to pick up as a treat yourself item or for a gift – most styles are just $20, with free shipping! You can find all her pieces here. She makes most styles in several colors, including gray, white, terracotta, and sparkle. You’ll even come across some fun seasonal pieces, like the Nats earrings she made during the World Series (it’s about time to get ready for baseball season again!).

Julie Nolan Brass Snake Cuff Bracelet

I came across Julie Nolan’s Snake Cuff Bracelet in a boutique in Brooklyn and passed on it (I picked up a thin brass cuff instead). I’d been in the market to invest in a gold cuff but, after talking to my sister who wears several brass cuffs every day, I realized that brass is a much cheaper alternative to gold that has a similar look, but also doesn’t tarnish. And, while I loved the thin brass cuff I picked up, I kept going back to the snake cuff — which I then found on Etsy. At $78, it’s a great price for a nice piece of jewelry that you’ll have for years and years. The designer, Julie Nolan, is based in Massachusetts now, but her original pieces were made while she lived in Brooklyn, hence why I discovered her there. She sources all her materials in the United States, which is always a nice bonus. You’ll find a little bit of everything in her collection, including lots of Zodiac influences, if that’s your thing.

Populent 14K Gold Dome Band

So, this is actually my wedding band! I needed a plain gold band for our ceremony and I knew that while I could pay a bunch of money for a designer band, it shouldn’t *actually* cost that much to get something so simple. I looked at so many different Etsy vendors and this one came out on top for meeting both quality and cost. I’ve sent so many people their way and their bands are one of the best-selling products on my blog. I’m now tempted to look at some of their other items, like the signet ring. They were also super helpful when I didn’t love the first ring style I ordered — they exchanged it at no additional cost!




favorite etsy jewelry finds - allison street nw earrings - julie nolan snake cuff



Okay, I did NOT expect to write that much on these Etsy jewelry finds, but clearly I feel strongly about the pieces i’ve found! Each one of these is such high quality, but sold at a price point that is accessible for something you’d pick up on a whim.

Now, it’s your turn: do you have any favorite Etsy jewelers? Or even local designers that I should know about?

Photos: Lauren of DC Girl in Pearls


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  1. March 3, 2020 / 10:35 am

    I haven’t used Etsy for jewelry before, but my summer job all through college was working at an art and jewelry gallery in my hometown in Maine! We sold very unique jewelry pieces from artisans- I still have a sterling silver cuff bracelet that I got with my employee discount that’s one of my favorite pieces!

    PS I’m sure you’ve been to Darling boutique before in Charlottesville- but they sell a ton of stuff from local Cville jewelry makers!

    xoxo A

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