Splurge or Save: A Less Expensive Alternative to Mi Golondrina

Looking for a less expensive alternative to Mi Golondrina? They make gorgeous products that I have are amazing quality and I love that it’s a woman-owned company that works with female artisans in Mexico. However, $225+ isn’t always realistic for a top or a dress.

That clothing expense is just not in my budget at the moment and I know these traditional dresses can be found at a more attainable price point (without delving too far into fast fashion territory…we’re not trying to get into Forever 21 or Amazon territory here).

Update: I’ve now written a full review post on J. Marie designs!

Traditional Mexican Dress Style: Oaxacan Wedding Dress

Growing up, my grandfather would go visit our family in Mexico every year and come back with all sorts of goodies — traditional Mexican dresses included. When I think back on it, I definitely didn’t realize how special or gorgeous these pieces were. I can still recall this one white dress with a colorful bird on the front that I hope my parents have saved somewhere in the attic…

So, I decided to do a bit of research into what exactly this style is: I found it called both the Oaxacan Wedding Dress (which makes sense since my mother-in-law picked up this dress I’m wearing in Oaxaca!) and the San Antonino Dress. They’re these gorgeous embroidered dresses that you’ll immediately recognize as traditional Mexican dresses. And, while they’re certainly getting their moment in the trendy sun in the United States right now, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen them — they were super popular during the 1960s and 70s among the bohemian set. 



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Okay, so let’s get into the real reason you’re reading this post: you want a less expensive alternative to Mi Golondrina. Maybe you’re looking to splurge but want to try the look out first to make sure you’d wear it. Or maybe you just can’t stomach the price point given the current economy. Whatever your reason, there are so, so, so many options to be found on Etsy. A simple search for “Oaxacan Dress” will pull up so many items from both Hispanic shop-owners and vintage storefronts. There are so many to be found under $100 — many of which I’ve linked below.

And, if you’d prefer to shop from a small retail boutique rather than Etsy, my mom turned me on to J. Marie Collections. She has a similar story to Mi Golondrina in that she has Mexican roots and decided to channel that into a clothing line. Her pieces have a bit more of a pink, colorful flair, but you can certainly find items that have a more sophisticated look. Plus, her childrens’ items are just so darn cute. 

So, take a look at the dresses and tops below, buy vintage or from a small shop-owner, and maybe even go crazy by being two since you’re saving so much money! 

less expensive mi golondrina - budget friendly mexican dress - less expensive mexican dress  - mi golondrina dupe


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