Date Night Look: Why I Love a Leather Jacket With a Dress

One of my favorite date night looks is a leather jacket with a dress. Whenever I’m stuck in a “ugh, what do I wear?” cycle, this is what I turn to. I slip into a feminine, flowy dress, throw on some big earrings, put my hair up, and grab a leather jacket. It’s a foolproof look that I’ve been wearing for years (well, ever since I bought my first leather jacket…a last-minute purchase to go over a ballgown).

Why I Love a Leather Jacket With a Dress

So why do I love a leather jacket with a dress so much? It’s a simple juxtaposition of feminine and masculine, tailored and rugged, pretty and edgy. It’s totally timeless. Think about it, how often have leather jacket styles changed over the past century? Not at all is basically the answer. You can invest in one now and it will still look classic a decade down the road.

Thrown over a dress, it’s effortless. It’s a little artsy, a little French girl cool. Here, I paired it with cowboy boots because it’s absolutely freezing out right now but, ideally, I’d go with a more refined shoe. This is my ideal look to balance the masculine and feminine look: leather jacket, feminine dress, big earrings, updo, heels or a super sleek bootie. It’s a simple formula that works every time — and always looks perfect for the occasion, whether you’re going to trendy new bar, a fancy tasting menu restaurant, or a neighborhood dive.


leather jacket with dress - angel jackets review

leather jacket with dress - angel jackets review

Angel Jackets Leather Jacket Review

Angel Jackets contacted me about sending a leather jacket to review and I was excited to take them up on it — I have a black jacket (well, that one’s faux) and a tan leather jacket but brown has been on my wish list. Plus, both of mine are fitted and feminine, I wanted something with a bit more room to breathe — a jacket I could layer with sweaters without feeling like I can’t move my arms (you know the feeling, right?!).

I chose the Colorado Distressed Jacket, a rugged looking dark brown jacket with a hint of oxblood in the color. I sized up to a Medium, where I’d usually take a Small. For the purposes of being able to layer and having a slouchier, more casual look, this was definitely the right move. However, if you want a more tailored look, I’d go with your normal size.

The jacket has a great, heavy weight to it and the leather is soft and supple. The color is unique — like I mentioned, it’s dark brown but it definitely has some oxblood to it, particularly in the more distressed areas. My husband described it as an Indiana Jones jacket…which I think is perhaps what they’re getting at with “Colorado.” It has rugged mountain vibes, which is exactly why I love it paired with a feminine dress.

It’s worth nothing that it’s not the highest quality leather jacket I’ve tried…there are some ripples in the leather, which you can see on the lapel in the images, and the lining leaves something to be desired. But, for $179, it’s a steal. You could pay that much for a faux leather jacket, easily. It’s a great budget-friendly option and the shipping is lightning fast. For a leather jacket that I’m mostly wearing for date night looks, this definitely does the trick.

Thank you to Angel Jackets for sending me this complimentary leather jacket! As always, all opinions are my own and I’m so grateful to the brands and readers that make this blog possible.


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