Unbiased ClassPass Review 2023: Is ClassPass Worth It?

As someone who’s taking over 450 classes on ClassPass over the past several years, it’s time I answer the burning question, “Is ClassPass worth it?”

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My ClassPass History

Here’s the context of my history with ClassPass. I first discovered ClassPass back in 2013 (don’t hold me to that date) when they launched in DC with an influencer event. I had already been hooked on boutique fitness classes since I started paying the extra fee in college to take yoga and pilates, so I couldn’t turn down the opportunity to take a free class. If I remember correctly, ClassPass offered us all a free month and, after that free trial, I was all in.

I opted for an unlimited membership where I was exactly the type of customer a fitness program does not want. I used the heck out of that membership. I was paying $99 a month and taking roughly 25 classes a month (I wasn’t traveling a ton at this point in my life either). I continued in this blissful ClassPass relationship until they did away with unlimited — and I was out. It didn’t make sense financially anymore and, instead, I spent the next few years bouncing between CorePower, PureBarre, and Barre3 memberships.

But, now I’m back. When in-person classes gradually started up again and the PureBarre studio near my home still hadn’t opened up, I needed something. I needed to go back in person somewhere and, with a special offer running on ClassPass, I decided to give it a shot. I’m now several months in and ready to give my full ClassPass review.

An Unbiased ClassPass Review: Is ClassPass Worth It?

The way ClassPass is structured now, you sign up for a monthly points membership and use those points to book classes. Different classes cost different points — booking gym time may cost 4 points, while a reformer pilates class likely runs closer to 10 points. For context, memberships range from $49 for 23 credits to $199 for 100 credits, and unused credits can roll over to the next month.

Currently, I have the 23 credit plan, in addition to my monthly Barre3 membership. Initially, I did set out to only use ClassPass and I’ve really enjoyed being able to easily book a range of classes from pilates to barre to dance to yoga. I even booked time at Adam’s gym so we could take classes together. However, it quickly became obvious that even though the 100 credit plan makes the claim that you can book up to 35 classes, that’s not the reality unless you’re only booking 2 credit classes. In DC, I haven’t even seen 2 credit classes. The absolute minimum in my neighborhood is 4 and most of the classes I want to take are 6-10 credits. I like going to daily classes, so I burned through 100 credits too quickly and, at $199 + tax, it’s not worth it.

But, ClassPass does have a place in my workout schedule. As long as I have an unlimited membership elsewhere, it’s great for supplementing my regular routine. I can add a weekly pilates or dance class, which keeps things varied, and it does make sense financially if I compare that to booking classes individually at these studios. I’ve found it’s easy to book studios, there are always a range of options available, and there are high end studios on the app.

This brings us back to the burning question: is ClassPass worth it? Maybe. If you like going to class every day, then, no, it’s probably not your best option. But, if you’re looking for a way to supplement a regular gym with boutique fitness or you want to add some variety to your barre or yoga routine, then it’s great. Plus, I can use it while traveling, which I can’t do with my Pure Barre membership.

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Classes I Take in Washington, DC on ClassPass

I’ll leave you with a quick tidbit on my favorite classes to take on ClassPass in Washington, DC. First, a disclaimer: I don’t like to go far for my classes, so these are all in my neighborhood. If you’re in the area, though, check out: Reformation Fitness, Pure Barre, District Yoga, and Joy of Motion.


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