A Wallpaper Update: We Chose Rifle Paper Hydrangea

I know y’all have been itching for a wallpaper update and I’m happy to announce, we found a winner: Rifle Paper/York Wall Coverings Hydrangea.

If you’ll remember a few months ago, I posted a few different options here on the blog, all shades of blue patterns with repeats that I thought could work throughout the dormered space, definitely adorning the angles and possibly covering the ceiling.

The Initial Problem

I chose a gorgeous blue petal print and it looked fabulous…except 3 rolls in, I got a text from our installer. The rolls were tiny. I thought I was getting a deal at $25 a roll. What I didn’t look at was the measurements. It turns out, when your wallpaper costs 1/3 that of normal wallpaper, it’s probably because the size is 1/3 that of a normal roll. Lesson learned.

Additionally, because it was cheap peel and stick paper (which I got thinking I was making the installer’s life easier!), it was actually a nightmare to install. It was wrinkled coming off the roll and had the weight of a textured vinyl. She told me, “Look, it looks pretty, I can do this, but you’re going to need 30 more rolls, at least, and it’s going to be slow going.”

She let me know that traditional wallpaper is actually easier to install on her end because a professional installer is going to use paste regardless of whether it’s regular paper or peel and stick, so adding that peel and stick layer just adds to the coordination.

So, back to the drawing board I went.

The Solution

I knew immediately that I wanted to make her life easy. She’s been fabulous to work with (she painted the whole house) and I didn’t need to take weeks of her time working with minuscule peel and stick rolls. I immediately pulled up Rifle Paper’s website, knowing I’ve always loved their prints and they sell wallpaper, saw a blue hydrangea print on perhaps the first page. And I was sold. Within minutes, I’d placed an order for the rolls I needed, cringing a bit at the price, but Adam reminding me that this might be the one place we splurge (ha, the things we said pre-foundation issues!).

Note: I actually ended up ordering the wallpaper through Home Depot, where it ran about $30 less per roll. Rifle Paper/York Wall Coverings Hydrangea.

rifle paper hydrangea - wallpapering dormered ceiling - rosehill cottage

The Current Status

Since we don’t have guests until December, I let our installer know that there was no rush and I understood she probably had other projects to work on, so it’s been an extended, bit-by-bit timeline. We’re now about 80% done and are waiting on an additional four rolls I had to order.

After much back and forth, we’ve decided we’re doing the angles, but not the ceiling. I think that we get the impact of walking into a bouquet from the angles enveloping you on both sides, and, at this point, wallpapering the ceiling would just mean more money on my end and more time on the installer’s. It seems like a diminishing return. Instead, we’re going to paint the ceiling a light blue that picks up the color of the flowers, and it will also be the same light blue that we do in the attached bathroom.

You know I’ll share updates as they come in, so stay tuned to Instagram, and, on a passing note that I’ll get more into soon, we’ve soft launched on Airbnb! I know that people are already beginning to book their summer vacations for next year, so I wanted to get something up. While we may not have professional photos — or even finished photos — of all the rooms and spaces yet, I’m hoping potential travelers use their imagination because we can’t wait to welcome them to Rosehill Cottage.


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