From Tartan to Turtlenecks: My J.Crew Factory Winter Wishlist

I didn’t set out to make this an entirely J.Crew Factory wishlist, but here we are. They do winter and holiday items better than anyone else and, if I’m going to add a couple of new items into my cold weather wardrobe this year, I want them to be flannel, tartan, fur, and rhinestone.

As I’ve talked about here before, I try to only buy items I can see wearing for a few seasons (which means I’ve had to resist nap dresses and those big 80s style ruffle collars), and, when I buy something new, out needs to go a few old things. Read: you’ll see a few new things hit my Poshmark closet this week!

Why I Look to J.Crew Factory for Accent Items

I like to invest in only having a few items when it comes to the basics so I can buy nicer options: shoes, jeans, bags, blazers, and jewelry. But, every once in a while, you need to add accent items — that’s where places like J.Crew Factory come into play. They’re good enough quality that they’ll hold up when it comes to tops and accessories, and they seem to have the same general inventory year-after-year, which makes me feel like they’re solid buys. Plus, they’re super budget friendly and the quality seems to be on-par, for most items, with J.Crew. And, for something like a tissue turtleneck, I feel like what I get for $20 from J.Crew Factory is just as good as what I’d get from somewhere far more expensive. 

So, without further ado, here’s what on my radar for my November through early March winter wardrobe. This image is shoppable, so simply click on the item you’re interested in to go straight to the website.


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