December To-Do List: Ending the Year on a Festive Note

First, a disclaimer. I am so appreciative of all of you who are here and I am so grateful for your patience right now! Life has been a blur over the past few months as we get Rosehill Cottage ready to rent on Airbnb, and I’ve barely had time to sleep, let alone write a blog post or pay attention to my Instagram. We’re in the final countdown now — we have several groups booked for December starting next week, so whatever is done, is done at that point. And, then, I can get back to my regular routine and living my normal life.

All that aside, how’d I do on November? I did not eat a cider donut (seriously?! How did I not accomplish this low hanging fruit?) and I didn’t have time to host a Friendsgiving. Though, I will say, it was a delight to hear from several women with a few years on me that they hosted or attended Friendsgivings this year — do they make a comeback as we get older? If so, I’m here for it. I’m just hoping it won’t take a decade to get here.

What’s On My December To-Do List

So, how are things looking for December? Hopefully festive. I’ve got all the standard fare on my to-do list, as well as a few DC specific items, including the holiday markets. We’ll see on December 31 how I’ve done.

And, on a full circle note, after I wrote this I googled to see if I’d missed anything…and one of the first links that came up was a December Bucket List I wrote back in 2015, when my life looked so different. I was living with friends on 39th St NW, working in a non-profit marketing job I was desperate to get out of, and going on more Bumble dates than I could count. Yet my overall sentiment was the same: write down the things that mark the season in order to slow down and enjoy.

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