Our Breakfast Room: Long Awaited One Room Challenge Reveal

Well, well, well, this breakfast room One Room Challenge reveal has been a while in the making. For those who’ve been following since the beginning, you may now that we started off strong and were quickly derailed around Week 5 by foundation issues. Those issues, while resolvable, did set us back by almost a month, if not more. Then, our bookings started, and there simply hadn’t been time to pull this together quite like I wanted it for a big reveal.

But, today, it’s time! I have the official photos and the long awaited One Room Challenge reveal ready for you.

A Quick Recap: One Room Challenge Breakfast Room

When this fall’s One Room Challenge started, the world was my oyster. We were just starting renovations on the entirety of Rosehill Cottage and I could have picked any room. I felt, however, that the breakfast room and kitchen would provide the biggest ‘Wow!’ moment. Plus, it seemed like a surefire bet that we could get it done in 8 weeks. I made a design board, which I actually followed almost exactly, and got to work sourcing items. I was able to find almost everything in the board secondhand, and was also so fortunate to find a few sponsors for my project.

Here’s a quick look back at that design board.

one room challenge reveal - one room challenge breakfast room

Drumroll, please…The One Room Challenge Reveal!

And, now, the reveal! Looking at these photos, I’m so delighted with how this space has turned out. Removing a wall that separated the breakfast room from the living area (and therefore cut out its river views) made such a massive difference in lightening up the space and making it feel more open and liveable. Now, you can have breakfast — or any meal — right off the kitchen, rather than schlepping it to the dining room a few rooms away, and still enjoy the incredible views that define this house.

I had a vision for a traditional blue and white room and, so far, that’s come together beautifully. However, in doing this project, I realized more upgrades and changes that I want to make. Specifically, I want to expand the plate wall and add a simple board and batten molding to the walls. It feels so pretty and bright, but it could still use an extra dose of charm. Hopefully, that’s a project we’ll tackle in the next month or so.

Note: I decided to only do a breakfast room reveal since the kitchen still needs a bit of work on the countertops and bringing the island in. Stay tuned!

one room challenge reveal - one room challenge breakfast room

one room challenge reveal - one room challenge breakfast room

one room challenge reveal - one room challenge breakfast room

The Details on Sources and Items

Let’s get into the details. I’ll run through each item and tell you how I sourced it or where it came from.

Blue Chairs

These chairs were a Facebook Marketplace find, but they’re from Target originally. They’re also a testament to the beauty of FBMP. originally $500 for four chairs, I snagged them 4 for $50 total. I’ll add a caveat here: I sprung for these early and saw so many good finds after I’d bought them, but I decided to stay the course.

Wood Table

Another FBMP find, this table ran me $100. The woman I bought it from bought it unfinished, stained it, and then, while renovating, realized it was too small for her place. It worked out for me! Funny story: She was clearly doing a FBMP purge because when I picked it up, her 3ish-year-old came out and goes, “Why is everyone borrowing our stuff?”

one room challenge reveal - one room challenge breakfast room

Shades of Light Chandelier

I did an entire review of this chandelier on the blog here, but it’s the Bella Chandelier from Shades of Light. I swear, every person that comes in our house immediately compliments it. It’s a cool piece that would work with so many decor styles.

Thank you to Shades of Light for gifting this chandelier!

Carolina Creekhouse Mat

A vinyl mat rather than a rug could be off-putting to some at first, but it’s perfect for a breakfast room, kitchen, or any area prone to messes. I’ll have a full review coming soon but, for now, let me leave you with this anecdote. My mom was over helping me hang the plate wall and, a few hours in, I said something about the mat. She hadn’t noticed that it wasn’t really a rug and she’d been walking on it all evening!

Thank you to Carolina Creekhouse for gifting this mat!

Table Linens

These gorgeous table linens are from Loom and Table and I love that they have the ever-so-slightest metallic sheen. I chose these neutral linens, with subtle stitching on the Maple napkins, since they add an understated elegance to the room. Note: the napkins are the “sage” color, which I’d say is closer to taupe. I would use these for a nice Friday or Saturday evening dinner, when it’s just me and Adam at home, but we want to elevate the space.

Thank you to Loom and Table for gifting these table linens!

one room challenge reveal - one room challenge breakfast room

Blue and White Plates

I wrote an entire post about how I’ve sourced (and continue to source!) blue and white plates for our plate wall. My goal is not to pay over $5 per plate and, so far, I’ve stuck close to that, with many coming in under. I’ve used these hooks to attach them. They take a minute to figure out but, once you have it down, they’re super easy.

Vintage Gold Mirror

This mirror was a thrift store find, but you can find others like it on Etsy or, seriously, just go to any thrift or antique store. You’ll find one similar, I guarantee it! We actually have a similar mirror in our condo that I inherited from my Grandma Bien.

DIY Entry Bench

One of the complications of this space is that you walk directly into it from the front door. There’s no mudroom. But I knew I didn’t want the table to become a dumping ground. So, I looked at a few options before landing on this DIY entry bench that would give us a flat surface, closed storage, and room for hooks. We used an Ikea Kallax bench and storage bins from Amazon, which is a basic enough approach, but then we made it our own with a DIY touch. When we bought our house, there was a picnic table out front. We planned on salvaging it with paint or stain, but the first time we sat on it, it fell apart. Like unsalvageable fell apart. Adam wanted to channel one of his favorite home shows, Hometown, so he had the great idea to use some of the boards as a top across the bench. We stained them clear to avoid mildew growing on them (our contractor saw what we were doing and told us that trick), then attached them with silicone adhesive. Above the bench, we hung four hooks for coats, bags, hats, etc.

This space is now one of my favorite — and most functional — spots in the room, and I love that it has a tie to the previous owners.

one room challenge reveal - one room challenge breakfast room

Dishware and Glassware

Since we are booking our home as a vacation rental, I didn’t want to spend an arm and a leg on beautiful dishware and glassware that will inevitable end up broken. But I also wanted it to feel styled and intentional. So, I looked to thrift stores and Walmart. I picked up the basic white plates and bowls in a set from Walmart, then I found beautiful vintage glassware and blue and white bowls at various church yard sales, thrift stores, and Goodwill.

What’s Next for the Room

As I mentioned, we plan on installing board and batten molding around the breakfast area sometime in the next month or so, and adding to the plate wall. Additionally, the kitchen does still need some help. We had a slight issue with our countertops and while they’re fine, ideally we want to replace them, and, by virtue of replacing the counters, we’d also replace the backsplash. I also have a kitchen island coming, which will, of course, be covered here. Stay tuned! Big things are still coming!

one room challenge reveal - one room challenge breakfast room


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  1. January 11, 2022 / 5:45 pm

    Your breakfast room is so bright and airy! I love how much you sourced second hand and brought it together with the new. That chandelier is just *chef’s kiss*!

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