Polywood Adirondack Chairs Review: Are Polywood Chairs Worth the Price?

Worth noting before I get into this Polywood Adirondack Chairs review, I ordered mine from Wayfair last fall because it was less expensive than the Amish furniture makers you’ll find in every small town. In an ideal world, I would have supported the small business, but, whew, we’ve already spent a lot. And, yes, you can also find them on Amazon and they’re available to ship immediately. 

If you’ve looked into Adirondack chairs, you’ve probably heard that Polywood is better than wood, and, when you saw the cost, you probably had the same reaction I did: how on earth are Polywood chairs worth the price tag?! At $230+ a pop, they’re not necessarily budget friendly, yet they seem to be the gold standard in Adirondack chairs. Yes, the wood ones are beautiful, but for durability, everyone seems in agreement that Polywood is the way to go.

Why We Chose Classic Adirondack Chairs for the River Side

For those who’ve been following along with our Rosehill Cottage renovation from day one, you may recall that we had these folding wood chairs out on the river side at first. Truth be told, they were always a stand-in. I found them for a song on Facebook Marketplace — $75 for all four — and figured they’d get the job done for the time being, given that the Polywood Chairs were backordered for several months.

But the plan was always white Adirondacks. Is there anything more classic than a set of Adirondack chairs overlooking the water? The crisp white slats look so fresh against the green grass and blue water. These are chairs that evoke memories of summer cocktails and shrimp dip. They’re warm sunsets and lazy mornings. They’re fire pit evenings, curled up with a blanket and a warm mug of tea.

are polywood adirondack chairs worth it - are polywood chairs worth it

Polywood Adirondack Chairs Review: Are Polywood Adirondack Chairs Worth It?

On to the real question at hand: are Polywood Adirondack chairs worth it? We were sold when our neighbor down the way told us she’d had the same four Polywood chairs sitting out front of her house for eight years and they still look as good as new. We know they’re going to take a beating being on the river side. There’s moisture and wind, and everything else that comes with sitting outside day in and day out.

We needed something heavy enough that we wouldn’t have to worry about bringing it in if a big storm came through (and that’s happened once while we’ve been there — they didn’t budge!). We also wanted something we could easily power wash if needed. These come in every color under the rainbow, but white has that fresh, timeless look I wanted.

After much deliberation, I decided on the Classic style. There are options that are both smaller and larger, but this felt perfectly in the middle. I like the curve along the the top of the chair, and I preferred this arched curve to the flare curve that some of the other styles have. The arms are big enough to set a glass, a mug, or a book.

We found them incredibly easy to put together (or Adam found them incredibly easy to put together). One evening, after he’d wrapped up work, he started assembling them, and by the time I signed off an hour or so later, he was done with all four. The first was a little confusing given all the parts are white and similarly shaped, but once he got in a rhythm, they went quickly.

While we’ve only had them a few months, so far they’re living up to all expectations. They’re exactly the look I wanted, they look as good as the day we put them out there, they don’t move at all through the wind and snow, and I cannot wait for longer evenings when I can sit out here after work with a beverage in hand.

Now, next on my wish list is a Polywood table — or two — so guests have somewhere to set their snacks by the time the warm weather rolls in.

are polywood adirondack chairs worth it - are polywood chairs worth it


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