Almond Latte Recipe: A Cozy, Subtly Sweet and Creamy Drink

I’ve made this almond latte recipe almost every day this week. There’s something so comforting about its subtle taste. The best part: it has no added sugar — all of the sweetness is coming from the almond, vanilla, and the milk. First thing in the morning, I don’t want a sugar rush (to be honest, unless I’m having a honey latte or a Cafe BomBon, I never want sugar in my coffee), yet this satiates my creamy, sweet cravings.

Almond Latte Recipe

You only need a few ingredients on hand for this almond latte recipe, and I imagine almond extract is the only one that may not be a pantry staple. I do want to add, however, that for most of my latte recipes, they’re best when made with espresso from an actual espresso machine. You can absolutely use a moka pot to make the espresso, however, you’re going to miss out on the crema that makes this drink so special.

If you do want to add an extra bit of sweetness, I’d suggest agave nectar or Trader Joe’s maple agave blend to add a smoother flavor than sugar. But, trust me, you won’t need it.

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Almond Latte
Not to be confused with an almond milk latte, this delicious and creamy drink has subtly sweet notes of vanilla and almond.
  1. Pull two shots of espresso. Mix in the almond and vanilla extract. I don't sweeten it but, if you wanted to, you could add a dash of agave or sugar at this point. Steam the milk to the point where it's the consistency of wet paint. Slowly pour into the espresso (latte artists, I'm looking at you). Add a splash of half and half for extra creaminess. Sip. Enjoy!

almond latte recipe


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