Longchamp Guide: How to Choose the Right Size Longchamp Le Pliage

Let’s talk about Le Pliage and a Longchamp guide to buying the right size. You may be thinking, wait, didn’t I carry one of these in college? To my first job? To bars every Friday and Saturday night in the mid aughts? Well..

Apparently Longchamp Le Pliage Bag is Back

But did it ever go out of style?

My friend Jillianne sent me this article a few weeks ago about how Longchamp is back, thanks to TikTok, Gen Z, you know, the usual. Perhaps they’re discovering what everyone has known since the bag first debuted in 1993: this bag is so incredibly practical, even with its one large compartment, that it’s worth putting up with the occasional frayed corner.

If you get it in a dark color, this thing will last forever, not even showing stains (don’t get a light color unless you’re someone who’s hellbent on taking care of their bags and never setting it anywhere it might get wet or dirty). You can just throw everything in it — it’s like one of those old timey cartoon bags where items just keep coming out. This is why it’s a classic, a staple, and why I (and Kate Middleton) don’t believe it really ever went out of style.

Also, did you know what ‘le pliage’ means? It translates to ‘the folding,’ which is an appropriate name for a bag that prides itself on its ability to fold neatly into a little square when not in use. And, yes, I actually do fold mine when I store them in my small closet.

Longchamp Guide: How to Choose the Right Size Longchamp Le Pliage

So here’s my Longchamp guide on how to choose the right size Le Pliage if you are in the market for a new bag. I have my personal preferences, but here are the measurements and what I think each size is best for.

Click on the image to shop each specific bag size!

How to Carry Le Pliage

It feels wrong to call it the Le Pliage because of the redundancy of the and le, right?

My Mini Le Pliage is my go-to bag for traveling. It holds everything I need throughout the day, including my camera, and it folds up easily within my suitcase for easy packing. It’s also the bag I use most often during the day at home. It’s incredibly versatile and looks classic whether you’re dressed up or down.

For me, the Large Le Pliage is great for days when I need my computer, a book, or just have more stuff to take with me. It’s great for client meetings or if you go into an office. I pack heavy, so it’s not great for me as a weekend bag, but if you’re someone who packs lightly or uses a garment bag plus a bag, then it’s perfect.

Lastly, the Medium Le Pliage is not one that I reach for often. I have one from years ago (maybe from college?!), and I don’t love the long straps plus smaller size. I’d just rather reach for the Mini. But I do think this is the favorite of a lot of people as their everyday size.

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