Dining Room Update and Ballard Designs Embroidered Drapery

When I took these pictures, our dining room had become my retreat in the midst of a house that is still full of boxes, light fixtures, hardware, and everything else that comes with a renovation. Unfortunately, as renovations do, this room has since backtracked. First, it was filled with boxes from the kitchen, which, thankfully, will get put back into our new cabinets tomorrow. But, then it was the leak across the ceiling — the one that hasn’t yet been fixed. It spread down an entire wall (trust me, it’s not my call that it hasn’t been fixed). Now it feels as if we’re back to square one in here, but, hopefully, soon enough it will be done done.

The Dining Room Update

I originally shared our dining room plan in a post a few months ago, and I chronicled that after in a story on Apartment Therapy. My goal for this room was to make it formal, yet liveable. With pieces like the crystal chandelier and the mural, it has a more traditional feel, while the rug and the slipcovered chairs feel more relaxed.

It’s come together just as I hoped it would and, while there are still things on the punch list, like fixing the ceiling and wall, putting in the window sash lifts, extending the mural above the picture molding, and hanging art, it feels like a respite from the rest of the house. The color, Benjamin Moore Stratton Blue, is bold yet calming and muted. I’m obsessed with how it’s all turned out.

ballard designs embroidered drapery panels - formal dining room makeover

Ballard Designs Embroidered Drapery Panels

But let me tell you about our drapery panel saga. Our dining room is bizarrely shaped with a punch out in the front, then a side sitting area. The previous owner left custom fit drapery rods that ran the entire length of the front of the room, weaving around each of the short walls that make up the floor plan. We decided to leave the rods since they are super simple and replacing them would have been a major project, but I spray painted them with two different spray paint colors to perfectly mimic the aged yet bright brass on our chandelier.

I immediately knew I wanted to completely fill the drapery rods with drapery, though it would be more for the aesthetic than functionality, and I assumed I needed to do custom panels to get the look that I wanted. I knew I wanted a light blue embroidery, and I was leaning towards a Greek key. I looked all over trying to find something off-the-shelf (how did I miss these?!), and, eventually, ended up with a custom drapery maker off Etsy. Which was a disaster. My 108″ long drapes ranged from 101″ to 105″, with not a single one hitting 108″.

And I was back to the drawing board.

I came across the Ballard Designs Embroidered Square Trellis Panels, and the cornflower blue looked like it could be just the right color. The geometric trellis design seemed Greek key-adjacent, and the thick white cotton fabric had the structure I was looking for. Plus, they come in a 108″ length, which is just what I wanted so that I could get a tiny bit of puddling after hanging them below the crown molding.

I used ten sets to go fully around the room, and they came in just as beautifully as I’d expected. They have a gorgeous weight to them, and yet they feel light and bright in the space (my hope was they’d add softness and light to that side of the room!). The blue is the perfect shade of cornflower, and I love that the embroidery border feels substantial and timeless.

So the moral of the story is you can add an elegance and airiness that makes a room feel complete — and you don’t even need to go custom.

ballard designs embroidered drapery panels - formal dining room makeover

ballard designs embroidered drapery panels - formal dining room makeover

ballard designs embroidered drapery panels - formal dining room makeover

ballard designs embroidered drapery panels - formal dining room makeover

Thanks to Ballard Designs for sending me these gorgeous Embroidered Drapery Panels! As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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