Best Wide Leg White Jeans: Frank & Eileen Galway Jeans Review

Adding this Frank & Eileen Galway Jean review to the rest of my Frank & Eileen reviews, which you can find here!

Forgiving a brief stint in middle school, I’ve always considered myself someone who can’t pull off wide leg jeans. I’m pear-shaped and a wide leg just doesn’t do me any favors.

So it was a bold move to spring for a pair of jeans that describes themselves as “gaucho,” but I was desperate for a new look for my white jeans. I have a pair of classic white J.Crew straight leg jeans, but I wanted something that felt a little cooler, a little dressier. And I mean literal cooler — I don’t want fabric touching me as soon as the temperature hits 80.

And, since ordering the Frank & Eileen Galway Jeans, which are, in fact, a gaucho fit, I’ve worn them several times a week. I’m obsessed.

Here’s why.

Frank & Eileen Galway Jeans Review

I love the way Frank & Eileen jeans fit. They have a bit of stretch, classic styling, and they wear beautifully. So I knew my opinion on these jeans would be rooted in whether I could pull off the silhouette, not the actual quality.

But I was pleasantly surprised as soon as I pulled them on that not only are they as comfortable and well-made as my other Frank & Eileen jeans, they also look sophisticated.

The Galway Jeans are just cropped enough to keep them from looking too serious and the fit is wide without being overwhelming. They go straight down from the hip, which is the right way to do a wide leg — you don’t want to venture into flare territory.

I’ve been wearing them constantly and I prefer a non-tucked in look with them. A loose button down or a Mexican blouse feels perfectly chic and effortless. These will absolutely be my jeans of summer and they’re so, so comfortable. I’ve traveled all over in them, and I guarantee you’ll continue to see them on my Instagram in the coming months.

Frank & Eileen Galway Jean review - frank & eileen white jeans

Frank & Eileen Galway Jeans Review FAQs

How does the Galway Jean fit?

I got a 28 in the Galway Jeans, which is my normal Frank & Eileen size. They fit perfectly. Fitted where they should be — in the waist — and loose everywhere else.

What is the fabric?

The Frank & Eileen Galway Gaucho Jeans are made from their Italian performance denim, which is 92% cotton, 6% polyester, and 2% elastane.

How do they wear and wash?

These jeans do not stretch out at all, which is exactly what I expect from Frank & Eileen jeans. I do try to wash my white jeans every other wear because I once heard that not washing white jeans frequently enough is what leads to them looking dingy. I also only wash them with whites (I’m normally guilty of mixing!) to keep them looking bright.

How should you wear the Frank & Eileen Galway Jeans?

This look below is how I wear them most often — with a button-up for a super casual, everyday look that still feels intentional and styled. But I also love them dressed up with a Mexican blouse and my Sarah Flint block sandals. Another favorite outfit of mine is pairing them with a Sezane blouse for a French girl look.

Final verdict: At $298, the Frank & Eileen Galway Jeans are at a normal premium denim price point. They’re definitely a splurge, but I love the way they fit and can be dressed up. They also just feel like high quality denim and, when I’m trying to limit my closet, that goes a long way.

Frank & Eileen Galway Jean review - frank & eileen white jeans

While I received this jeans as part of an Instagram partnership earlier this spring, this blog post is all my own thoughts — I love these jeans so much that I wanted to share more!


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