Living Room Design Update + Denver Modern Vail Lounge Chair

Hello from another renovation update! It’s been a while, but we were able to get our house buttoned up enough that I felt okay about it being on the Capitol Hill Restoration Society House & Garden Tour. While it wasn’t where I wanted it to be — we had to shut off one upstairs room, one bathroom, and the parlor was an empty pass through — it still felt done.

And, for about three weeks, we were living in a world that actually felt clean and pulled together. There wasn’t any renovation dust, no spackled over sections of the wall, and no blue tape. Then, it all came crashing down again when our contractor (thankfully) came back to finish the rest of the main part of the house. We still have about three weeks of work in the rooms that look “done,” and the punch list is underway.

But the living room still feels done at the moment, so I wanted to share where we are in the design process.

Living Room Design Update

Because we redecorated our living room in the condo about a month or so before buying this house, I wanted to carry that design over into this house. I loved the vintage drapery I’d bought, loved the red, black, and white palette, and it felt like it could work just as beautifully in the new house.

We decided to go with Benjamin Moore Simply White in here since it’s a north facing room, then used natural textures, like the jute rugs, to add a more casual air to the formal, heavy drapery. There are chinoiserie accents throughout the space, but the bubble chandeliers (Adam’s choice — one he felt strongly about) add a more modern, artful touch. One of the docents on the CHRS tour told us that a designer came in and said, “Interesting chandeliers. I wouldn’t do them, but they’re playful.” He’s not wrong.

denver modern vail chair review - modern leather chair - alternative to eames chair

Finding an Alternative to the Eames Chair

When we were discussing the layout in our living room, we knew we wanted a comfy chair and side table in the front window. Adam, unsurprisingly per millennial male design ethos, wanted an Eames chair. While I’m a fan of the iconic design, the price tag on that chair wasn’t going to fit into our renovation budget now or ever. I wanted a chair that would appeal to the modern look Adam wanted, that would be have a lounging for happy hour feel, but would also be less predictable.

The Denver Modern Vail Chair gave us that look. It’s modern and loungey, super comfortable yet sleek. It’s the type of chair people ask about when they walk in.

Denver Modern Vail Chair Review

We’re thrilled with how this came together in the front sitting area, so here’s a little more about the chair.

What’s the material?

The frame is a super sturdy black powder-coated metal, and there are leather straps that support the leather cushions. They remind me of vintage leather gym mats. The cushions are substantial. The leather is both soft and strong, and it’s absolutely beautiful.

Is it customizable?

While not customizable, the chair comes in 8 different options for fabric or leather. You can choose from cream linen, cream woven fabric, white boucle, dove boucle, black leather, saddle leather, sunflower leather, or maple brown leather. I have the maple brown leather. Depending on the color you choose, the wood arm color will vary.

There’s also an ottoman if you want an entire lounge setup!

How does it arrive?

The Vail Lounge Chair arrives in one piece. Does it get any better?! (No, it absolutely does not). It comes in a big box, and you just take it right out, and voilà. That’s it.

How does it feel?

I’m obsessed. It’s so comfortable. Admittedly, I end up working from this chair for a good part of the day even though my desk is three feet away. It’s where Adam reads a book after work. It’s where I sit with Hampden when I need to relax for a minute after walking in the door.

Final verdict: I would absolutely recommend the Vail Lounge Chair if you’re ready to invest in a leather chair that you’ll have for years. The leather is sumptuous and the styling is modern and striking. This is definitely a statement piece that makes our living room.

denver modern vail chair review - modern leather chair - alternative to eames chair

denver modern vail chair review - modern leather chair - alternative to eames chair

denver modern vail chair review - modern leather chair - alternative to eames chair

Thank you to Denver Modern for gifting me this gorgeous Vail Lounge Chair! All opinions are my own.


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