DC Small Business Gift Guide 2020: Now is the Time to Shop Local

I’m so excited to share my DC Small Business Gift Guide with y’all! I’ll update this throughout the holiday season if I discover new-to-me small businesses but, at the moment, these are among my favorites.

Also, as a disclaimer, I included primarily brick and mortar businesses because I want to see all of them thrive throughout the pandemic. However, most, if not all, offer online ordering and shipping. For a near-exhaustive list of DC small businesses, DC Shop Small is an awesome resource!

DC Small Business Gift Guide 2020

First, a funny story. Adam’s mom asked him what I wanted for Hanukkah and I, always wanting to support local businesses, said I wanted a gift certificate to Shelter. Adam somehow botched that just a bit and sent her the Instagram link for Jen Selter (I’ll admit semi-guilt here because I do think I’d sent him her account at one point being like, omg, look at that 🍑!). Needless to say, his mom clicked on the account and I’m sure thought that perhaps she doesn’t know her daughter-in-law as well as she thinks she does. Ha.

Now, let’s get into it. Here are some of my favorite DC small businesses and gift suggestions from eachBonus: many of these are female owned!


This is a uber-stylish and boho-inspired boutique owned by the woman behind Mallory Shelter Jewelry. You could pick up a simple, dainty necklace here, work on a custom piece, these darling dishes, or peruse the gift pages.

Three Littles

Three Littles is my go-to for baby gifts (of which there are many these days) but you’ll also find minimalist treats for adults, like this candle or my go-to Stojo cup. My uneducated kids gift opinion is that wood toys are just so chic right now.

Hill’s Kitchen

This is one that really doesn’t have an online shopping presence at all but, if you’re in the DC area, it’s worth stopping by. Whether you’re looking for DC-themed tea towels or cookie cutters, delicious and high-end product from local companies like Pratt Standard, or the perfect kitchen gadget, you’ll find it in this delightful store. Plus, it’s owned by the friendliest woman who’s always so, so helpful.

Salt and Sundry

If you live in DC, you’ve likely been in one of the two outposts of this colorful, modern shop or its sister store, Little Leaf. I absolutely love it for kitchenware like this fun confetti mug or this gold cocktail shaker (who isn’t into cocktails at home these days?!), but this throw would make an incredible gift for someone you feel like splurging on.


Y’all knew I couldn’t leave out my favorite coffee shop/kitchenware store, right?! While they primarily sell drinks and food, don’t discount the fact that you could easily make a gift of their packaged spices for someone who loves cooking. You could also get a spice sampler set or a gorgeous olivewood serving bowl.

Shop Made in DC

This is your place to find DC-themed items from makers across the region but you’ll also find great gift buys like these budget-friendly Kicheko studs or this Quavaro weekend bag. They also have so, so, so many holiday specific items to choose from. Think Christmas-themed but not cheesy.

Steadfast Supply

Steadfast Supply has a similar vibe to Shop Made in DC but features a worldwide array of makers. The art prints of Marcella Kriebel are always popular for gifts and I love the Stitch and Rivet clutches for a handmade leather piece someone will have forever. They even have a “Gifts $10 and under” section, which I feel like you don’t often see and is much appreciated!

Yinibini Baby

This is another baby gift go-to for me. She is at Eastern Market almost every weekend but you can also find her online with DC flag onesies, voter themed baby wear, and lots of adorable animal clothing, like this cute bib and bandana.

Capital Candy Jar

If you have someone with a sweet tooth on your list, you need to check out the goodies at Capital Candy Jar. I’m partial to the chocolate covered oreos, which you can get with a holiday theme, a DC theme, political theme, and more.

And, a few more small business favorites of mine: Capitol Hill Books, Clothes Encounters (great for vintage designer finds!), Groovy DC, and Fairy Godmother.


2020 washington dc small business gift guide - dc small businesses


Also, if you want more holiday content, I’ll be corralling all of it under the Holiday category here on the blog. Plus, you can see the evolution of my posts over the years here…we’ve come a long way, y’all.


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