Is Few Moda Worth It? My Experience with the Members Only Site 2023

Is Few Moda worth it? I share my experience doing a three-month subscription of this members-only clothing site.

I can stand strong against an Instagram ad. I don’t love buying clothing impulsively, so I’m unlikely to get suckered in by something cute between stories. It’s happened exactly two times.

Once, when I was engaged, I fell for a Chicwish white feather coat.  As a winter bride, I knew I needed this, and I wore it in the days preceding our wedding, when we went out to a vineyard and, again, when we out for a big family dinner. It ended up being too warm to need it for our rehearsal dinner, though that was also in the original plan. Four years later, it looks like they still carry it if you are, also, a winter bride.

Then, the second time, was this summer. I had a wardrobe crisis this summer. I was so sick of wearing athleisure day in and day out, and the nap dress trend took hold. I didn’t want to splurge on an actual nap dress, but I wanted comfy, easy dresses I would wear at home and out. Few Moda caught my eye.

What is Few Moda?

Few Moda is a subscription-based, member-only clothing site. That means you pay $39 every quarter for access to free shipping and free returns.

They say that they use the same manufacturers as many more expensive brands, but offer them at a significantly lower price. These aren’t Target or Amazon prices, but they are lower than many other designers. Most dresses I looked at were between $50 and $80.

Typically, I would have been turned off by the $39 membership fee, but I felt confident that I’d find a few things I liked based on what I saw in ads…a little out of character for me, but it worked out (spoiler).

Outfit Details: Few Moda Tuscany Dress / Sarah Flint Perfect Block 60 Sandals / Tuckernuck Hat / Dainty Diamond Necklace / Signet Ring / Initial Bracelet

is few moda worth it - is few moda legit

My Experience with Few Moda

Over the course of my three-month membership, I placed three orders. One over the summer, one before our trip to Europe, and one right before I cancelled. Besides for my last order, which was just one dress, I placed big orders, trying out roughly ten dresses at a time. In both cases, half the order shipped incredibly quickly, while the the rest of the order left me waiting — and waiting. I wouldn’t place an order expecting to get it that week. You’ll get it, but it’s not going to be the speed shipping we’re all used to at this point.

In both of my big orders, I found items were hit or miss. Some dresses were pretty in theory but the fit was awful, like I couldn’t figure out who they were made for, with darts in strange spots and bust seams that ran in uncomfortable and unflattering places. But, in both orders, I did find dresses I loved. Going with 100% cotton and forgiving silhouettes seems to be the way to go. I ended up with the Tuscany Dress in two different prints, one for summer and one for summer, transitioning into fall. I’m obsessed, it’s one of the most comfortable and pretty dresses I’ve ever worn.

My last order was the Martinelli Dress. I’d had my eye on it and, when I realized you could earn money to put towards orders by reviewing items, I decided to cash in. I reviewed several of the items I’d tried and was able to get $30 off this dress. I just got it so haven’t worn it yet, but I plan on wearing it to a rehearsal dinner in Texas later this fall, and perhaps out to dinner before then.

 Is Few Moda Worth It?

Okay, so is Few Moda worth it? I probably wouldn’t keep a year round subscription, but I would re-up if I had my eye on enough items on their website or next summer if I want to pick up a few more dresses. There’s so much on their website but it also doesn’t change that much month-to-month. You’re better off doing it for three months, ordering as much as you can, and then cancelling.


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