Gallery Wall with Minted: Step One

This summer I revamped my bedroom. I have a large room and it wasn’t being utilized in a way that made the best use of the space so, with a little creativity, I was able to create a more open floor plan as well as add in a small desk.

A designated spot for blogging had been on my wish list for a while, and I was delighted to find that a Parsons desk fit perfectly next to my bed in its new spot, fulfilling the role of both desk and nightstand. Along with my Ghost Chair (ideal for places where you want a chair to take up minimal visual space!) and a few turquoise and lucite desk accessories, it’s a wonderful spot to catch up on writing. 

The white walls of my apartment need a little help, however. A gallery wall seemed just the answer for the large blank canvas, and Minted, a website that carries prints from independent artists, helped me pull together all the pieces to create a cohesive and stylish gallery wall.

As you can see, this corner is in desperate need of artwork and color. My two lonely paintings (paint by numbers done by my grandparents while they were dating in the early 1950’s!) need some companions to pull this space together. These two paintings will be moved to directly above my desk while my gallery wall from Minted will take over the larger wall.

The first step in pulling together a gallery wall that works as a unit is to identify a theme. Whether that’s through a color palette or subject matter, something needs to tie everything together. Since my bedroom is truly monochromatic – all shades of blue and turquoise – I felt that was the obvious starting point. After selecting a number of prints, I picked sizes that would work together in a large grouping and went with white frames for all.

While I can sometimes get a bit ahead of myself and start nailing into the wall without measuring first, I knew with this many pieces involved  I would need to lay out a plan first. I began by grouping the prints on the floor to see what arrangement would work in my space both aesthetically and in terms of size. 

Next week I’ll share my tips for actually transferring this arrangement onto the wall without ending up with nail holes all over the place from misaligned prints and measurements that didn’t work out quite right. Plus, I’ll explain how I chose these particular images for my gallery wall. Stay tuned. 

In the meantime, if you’re interested in any of these prints, you can check them out on the Minted website using the images below.


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