Wednesday Reading and Favorite Links

It’s Wednesday! I always go into my week thinking I’ve got nothing on my plate and all the free evenings in the world, yet by Tuesday I’m back to just trying to squeeze in time to do laundry. I read this post on Lemon Stripes earlier this week and need to take its message to heart. Though that may have to wait til next week, of course, and then I’ll definitely make the time to sit down with a healthy fall inspired meal and a few of the magazines I’ve been meaning to read, just like in the photo I took below.

  • The pope is in DC through tomorrow, and while I am being bad Catholic and not participating in the hoopla and crowds, there are lots of people who are beyond excited for this occasion. So much so, that apparently pope crushes are becoming a thing.
  • Reese Witherspoon is one celebrity who has created an incredible brand and I can’t wait to see the Draper James store when it opens in Nashville this fall. It will be located in the 12South neighborhood, which, if there was a place that completely and truly encompassed everything the new South renaissance is about, that would be it. Read her profile this month in Garden and Gun.
  • Favorite home tour of the week? Definitely this one by Pencil + Paper Co. The balance of bright color with ample white space strikes the perfect chord. 
  • At my old job, I had a coworker with whom I shared a love of print books and amassing collections far beyond what we could read in this lifetime. We always lamented the fact so many people had switched over to e-readers, so I was glad to see the trend is reversing.
  • I’m glad to see Richmond’s darling blogging couple is back on the radar with their new book. While their blog was always a little too technical for me (I do recommend it for anyone who is diving into home renovation projects and needs the step by step process!), their casual, attainable, and contemporary aesthetic is great for inspiration.
  • I love a good blazer in the fall and this one from J.Crew is amazing. The contrast collar and elbow patches? Perfection.
  • The past couple months have left me terrible short on time, so I’ve been using every meal shortcut I can. The grain salads from Suddenly Salad are the perfect base for adding veggies, fruits, and protein to make a quick and filling meal. I added baby spinach, feta, and sliced apples to the one pictured, and you can find other recipes here and here


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