Fall Nail Polish Favorites

Painting my nails is one of those primping rituals that I indulge in likely a couple more times a week than most. I just can’t bear to have chipped nails or polish that clashes with my outfit, and it’s a running joke at this point that I always have to paint my nails before going out at night. 

Thankfully, I have it down to an eight minute science (mostly because of Seche Vite top coat), which means even at 3 re-polishes a week, is still less time than it would take me to go get a manicure. Don’t mind me while I rationalize my OCD tendencies. 

So which nail polish colors am I reaching for while I paint and re-paint this fall? Shades of gray (just 2), brown, red, plum, and, of course, dark hot pink. The bottles below are the exact colors I use again and again throughout the season.

1 Essie Partner in Crime – 2 Essie Miss Fancy Pants – 3 Essie Take it Outside

4 Julep Myrtle – 5 Revlon Plum Night – 6 Revlon Raisin Rage – 7 L’Oreal Members Only 

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You can shop all of these colors and Seche Vite top coat using the images below. What are some of your favorite nail polish colors to wear in the fall? Does anyone have a great neutral they swear by?


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  1. Anonymous
    October 29, 2015 / 10:51 am

    I love all Essie nail polishes ! I've never tried the Julep Polish, I've heard wonderful things about it though.

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