Workout Fiend Gift Guide

If you’re anything like me, you’ve jumped on the athleisure train full force. My wardrobe consists of way too much spandex these days and my ClassPass schedule is always full. So, it would make sense that workout clothes and accessories are on the top of my wish list and, since I’m sure you have a person or two on your Christmas list that’s in a similar boat, here’s a gift guide for the fitness and activewear obsessed.

1 Printed Yoga Leggings – 2 Yoga Mat Towel – 3 Yoga Mat Tote

4 Mesh Barre Socks – 5 Sweatshirt Hoodie – 6 “Turning Up is My Cardio” Duffel Bag

7 Thermos Bottle with Smart Lid – 8 FitBit Leather Wrap Bracelet – 9 Yoga Mat – 10 Headband

One of my favorite items in this guide is the Thermos Bottle with Smart Lid—the water bottle lid hooks up to your phone via bluetooth and keeps track of how many ounces you’ve consumed, the temperature of the water, and how many sips you’ve taken. I now probably check this almost as much as I check Instagram.

You can check out all of my holiday gift guides here and shop the gifts above that are perfect for the workout fiend in your live using the images below.


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