My Morning Routine

This article has been circulating around the blog world for the past week or so, and it reminded me how much I love those “my ___ routine” posts that you’ll see bloggers do from time to time. I’ve never done one myself, but what better time than now? So here goes the morning edition of my routine…

Of course every morning starts with a productive evening, and each night before I go to bed, I make a list of things I need to remember to do in the AM and leave it on my desk. I always have too many things going on at once, so if I don’t write something down, there’s a decent chance I won’t remember it. Last night that list consisted of groceries I picked up Whole Foods yesterday—need to remember to bring those to work for lunch, taking the photograph to accompany this post, packing my bag for barre class, and a few people I need to email. Anything else I need to accomplish during the day goes into my planner—and yes, I’m one of those obsessive people who will write things that I’ve already done in my planner just so that I can cross them off (insert monkey covering eyes emoji).

While I haven’t been great at this in 2016, I am usually someone who prefers 6 AM workout classes to going post work. I’m not quite sure how I fell of the wagon, but I better get back on ASAP. But, regardless of whether I’m getting home from a yoga class or just waking up, my day starts around 7 when I check email, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat while still in bed (I know, I know, but I’m not going to stop) and then jump in the shower. Ha, I say jump as if I take short showers, but I don’t, at all. My morning beauty essentials? This shampoo and body wash, this face wash, this body lotion, this serum, this face lotion, this perfume, and this sunscreen.

About halfway through my getting ready routine, it’s breakfast time. Specifically, an overeasy egg with hot sauce, a piece of toast, and pour over coffee with agave nectar and a splash of almond milk. I’ll catch up with the Today Show and some light news while eating and maybe finish up a blog post or a few emails if I have time. Then I’ll usually realize I have 15 minutes left before I need to leave, and it’s a quick blow dry, straighten, make up—I swear by blush, brows, and a little dab of highlight, throw on clothes, and I’m out the door a couple minutes before (okay, maybe after) nine.


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