Spring Reading List

I’ll readily admit to having a serious book hoarding problem and there are always way too many books on my nightstand that are in various stages of completion, but these are the ones that I’m currently working my way through. You can check out my past reading lists here.

Joan Didion Slouching Towards Bethlehem Not going to sugarcoat it, the first essay in this book left me anxious and wondering if I should cut losses and put this down immediately. A collection of essays about Didion’s experiences in the 60’s, it’s dark at times, but compelling.

Ernest Hemingway on Writing For years, I’ve kept a note in my phone of Hemingway quotes about writing, so I was delighted to find a book entirely devoted to the subject.

Garance Doré Love Style Life TBH, I bought this book after seeing it all over Instagram and I absolutely loved it. It doesn’t read like an autobiography, so don’t expect that, rather it’s snippets of stories and inspiration. An easy read to pick up and leaf through when you have a few moments.

Fiona Humberstone How to Style Your Brand This book is beautifully and cohesively put together…which one would expect from a book all about branding. While I thought this would be particularly helpful should I decide to rebrand this blog a bit, it’s an insightful read for anyone interested in branding and the creative process.

Also, the candle pictured above is the one I’ve had on regular rotation over the past couple months.  I posted about it here, and it’s remained one of my favorites. It has a rich, warm scent and perfect for cozy nights at home.


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  1. Amanda @ Anchored to Sunshine
    March 31, 2016 / 9:52 am

    I've been wondering about Love Style Life ever since I saw it all over Instagram as well! Sometimes books that you can easily pick up and put down are exactly what you need during a busy work week 🙂

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