Friday Links

Here we are, at the end of a dreary, rainy week, and I’ve got a fun weekend ahead. Dinner at my favorite restaurant in DC, ballet class tomorrow morning (Washington School of Ballet is finally on ClassPass—this news made my week!), trying out a new brunch spot in Shaw, and then going to the Kennedy Center to see the Bowie and Queen ballet on Sunday. Hopefully squeezing in some derby watching and downtime somewhere in there, too.

Now, to get you through the rest of this workday and on into the weekend, here are some links that grabbed my attention this week…

  • I never watch TV, but because of work I’m always attune to the newest and upcoming PBS shows. I perked up when I saw there is a new Janis Joplin documentary out. She is my all time favorite, so I watched it last night, and it’s just as fascinating and heartbreaking as one would expect. 
  • I’ve touted my love for Jess Lively’s podcast
    for years, and I was thrilled to see she’s revisiting some of her most
    popular podcasts in an All Star series. Liz Gilbert’s episode is up this
    week, and as someone who can’t get enough of her friendly, yet
    intellectual and inquisitive, slightly hippy trippy, way of writing and
    speaking, I had to listen to the episode in entirety again. This book and this TED talk are two other Liz Gilbert favorites of mine.
  • There’s nothing in the world like Nashville hot chicken (Crisp in DC has made a valiant effort to imitate it, but falls just short), and this is an interesting read on its history. 
  • I can’t help it, due to growing up in Richmond and going to UVA, I’m always going to love Lilly. I consider myself tailored and urban most of the time, but give me a brightly colored matching crop top set and I just can’t resist. 
  • I spotted this book on Meg Biram’s blog earlier this week and immediately headed over to Amazon to order it in first edition. My reading list for lazy summer weekends is getting longer and longer and I’m looking forward to afternoons spent in the park once the weather turns.
  • If you wondered what happened to the National Building Museum’s Beach exhibit, look no further than this underground installation in Dupont.  
  • Two words: Light. Ice.
  • When I was shopping for Mother’s Day this week, I stumbled upon Lulie Wallace’s work at Anthropologie. I had no idea she was carried there now, but I love seeing young Southern artists have such amazing success on a national level! These notecards are so cheerful and pretty. 


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