Friday Links

I’ve had one of those weeks where everything is just clicking. I’ve been cranking through my to do list every day, both at work and outside, getting back into the morning workout routine, squeezing in something social every evening, and feeling like I’m top of all of it.

I can probably chalk it up a bit to having stayed in town for the most part over the past month and having weekends to catch up on life, but we know I can’t do that for too long or I get antsy. So, I’m off to NYC this weekend.

  • A friend from my Junior League committee told me about a meal delivery service called Galley that’s basically Blue Apron minus all the horrendous prep work. I tried it for the first time last night and would 100% recommend it for busy evenings, especially since you can order one meal as opposed to the required three of Blue Apron and similar services. Get $10 off your first meal here.
  • I have a major girl crush on Kate Bolick at the moment, and last Saturday morning while searching for a new podcast to listen to, I came across her episode on Debbie Millman’s Design Matters. How had I never listened to Design Matters before?! I’ve been catching up on past episodes all week.
  • I love Snapchat, this is not secret, but they really outdid themselves with this latest filter.  
  • What are your thoughts on the Instagram update? The new logo is modern and colorful, but for me the interface is almost distracting in its simplicity.
  • I had so much fun at this week’s The Blog Societies meet up! I’ve been to many blogging events in DC, and TBS is absolutely the most welcoming, friendliest group of women that I’ve encountered. Plus, we left with these Kendra Scott earrings that are new for spring and gorgeous. I love abalone for its vintage appeal—I think my grandmother must have had abalone jewelry and that’s what it always reminds me of—and I already have a pair of Kendra Scott’s abalone earrings, but these crushed abalone have a more edgy, glam look. 
  • While I’m in NYC this weekend, I’m going to see the Kips Bay Showhouse. Despite having worked in interior design for four years and loving all things design related, I’ve never been to this iconic and long running showhouse. This year looks like it will definitely not disappoint. 
  • I just want to put this out there for all the online daters of the world: Netflix is not a hobby. Left swipe.


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