Travel Guide: London

It’s been a month, I did my Iceland recap weeks ago, and I’m already planning on booking my next trip, but I’ve finally got my London trip for you. For someone who typically loves closely cropped details and unusual angles, I completely diverged from that style for most of my London pictures…and that made it difficult to pick favorites to share.

However, I did capture some quintessentially British memories, my favorite being a series of blogger outfit pics outside The Orangery at Kensington Palace that were photobombed by Kate (in sneakers!), Charlotte, George, and Lupo playing in the background. As People might say, royals…they’re just like us.


Borough Market was a bustling sensory overload that I wish we’d been able to visit more than once. The Tower of London tour I could have done without, but I have a weak stomach for tales of gore. I once threw up on a 4th grade trip to Yorktown while listening to a surely PG description of a Revolutionary War era amputation. The Tate and the Victoria and Albert Museum made it onto our itinerary, though unfortunately the British Museum will have to wait for next time.

Of course, y’all know my life oftentimes revolves around my next great meal and libation. Some of my favorites over our first couple days included cocktails at Chiltern Firehouse, where I appreciated the sophisticated yet cozy ambiance, despite almost falling asleep in my drink after two sleepless nights prior, and Dishoom in oh so hip Shoreditch. The Indian restaurant came recommended by several locals and lived up to expectations. One warning though, learn from my mistakes and don’t fall for the idea of cheesy naan bread. While you may think cheese makes anything good even better, this isn’t always true.

Stay tuned for part two of my photo recap. I promise it won’t take another month, but the overload of door pics will be worth a brief wait.


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