Easy Eating

While I love to cook, the time to do so is not always on my side, especially when it comes to braving the grocery store…and those lines at Trader Joe’s. That’s where local DC delivery dinner kits come in handy. I’ve tried almost all the services from the prep heavy services to the pre-made meals, and here I’ve got the info on my three favorites.

Disclaimer: these pictures are just a few of my favorite food Instagrams I’ve posted lately, I wish these meals had been delivered to my door!

  • Galley Foods: A friend introduced me to this service and I’ve been impressed with every meal I’ve tried. For $13-$16 you can get everything from crab cakes to flank steak tacos to lamb fettuccine bolognese. All of the meals feel well rounded with delicious and healthy sides. Get $10 off your first meal here!
  • Munchery: Even more budget friendly than Galley, Munchery has delicious meals starting around $7. You do have to order them a day in advance and there’s an $8.95/month membership fee, but when I tried it for the first time last week, I was more than impressed with my spicy tan tan pork ramen. Get a $20 credit when you sign up here!
  • ScratchDC: If you do have a few extra minutes to cook, or are looking to impress a “let’s cook dinner at my place” date, this is the best of the best of meal delivery services in DC. Everything is already prepped, which is a huge time saver—I certainly don’t have time for the hours of dicing and slicing that Blue Apron requires.

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