Laura Mercier Eye Shadow

While I definitely love a smoky eye, I usually stick to browns, nudes, and the occasional bronze or gold metallic. So I was a little thrown off when I received this Laura Mercier Intense Clay Eye Palette from Influenster. Navy blue, black, and dark gray? Definitely not my normal colors, but I decided to give it a whirl. 

There are two recommended ways to apply these shadows—the normal eye shadow brush technique, of course, but then also with your fingers. Picking up some shadow with your finger and pressing it into your lid results in a deeper, but cloudier pigment than you might get with just a brush. It wasn’t for me, apparently it’s an option that works well with these clay shadows. For me, an eye shadow brush did just fine. The colors are smoky and intense, a little much for every day, but perfect for a night out. In fact, I’m about to do a navy and gray smoky eye for this evening using this palette

You can find this particular Laura Mercier Intense Clays Eye Shadow Palette in the images below, as well as several other eye shadow and eye liner options from Laura Mercier.


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