Mornings with Dove

I’ve been a fan of Dove Products for years for a whole slew of reasons. First, because I am a visual person and a blogger, I love their branding. The white packaging with touches of pink, blue, or gold is so relaxing to look at and just evokes feelings of a soft, feminine but not too feminine, clean. It’s the beauty product equivalent of a white fluffy robe and a bubble bath in a soaking tub. 

Second, their products work. Supple skin, moisturizing that lasts, and deodorants that keep you dry. Dove’s 48 Hour Advanced Care deodorant is my new favorite—not only is it effective, but it keeps my skin soft and feeling pretty, which is a tall order for someone with skin that can be super sensitive. Third, their products are reliable. I can pick something I haven’t tried before, as I did with this one, and know that it will work.

Also, if you’re curious about this adorable robe, it’s from Kate Spade, and while it’s no longer on their website, this one is super similar just in pink rather than blue. The mug, of course, is the classic gold monogram mug from Anthropologie.

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