Travel Guide: A Weekend in Asheville

A few weekends ago I headed down to Asheville, North Carolina for my sister’s bachelorette and I’m going to start off this travel recap by saying I NEED to get back there for a weekend where I can truly enjoy all the art, food, and culture this city has to offer. This was a whirlwind trip and while I got a taste of the city, I know there’s so much more to explore. 

Thanks to the recommendation of my two other sisters, we kicked off the weekend with drinks at the Omni Grove Park Inn, which, on a nice evening, has a wonderful view over the mountains. Unfortunately we happened to be there on what seemed to be the coldest weekend of the year so an outdoor cocktail was out of the question, but a drink that contained an actual still smoking wood chip  more than made up for it.

We made another trip into town on Saturday to visit Wicked Weed Brewing. Apparently this is one of the most well known of the Asheville breweries, but there are countless others to add to the list for next time. Conveniently, Wicked Weed is nestled in a neighborhood that is full of delicious food options at every turn. After stumbling upon Buxton Hall barbecue, which just happens to be Bon Appetit recommended, we stopped off at Vortex Doughnuts and I wished we’d planned an eating tour of downtown Asheville. 

As you can see above, Sunday morning welcomed us with several inches of snow…and I spent the hours of 4 AM to 8 AM trying to get a taxi, uber, anything up the mountain to take me to the airport. No luck because, as I was told by a friendly customer service rep at the airport (I mean this seriously, she actually was super friendly!), Asheville only has 2 snow plows. My 7 AM flight turned into 1 PM which turned into 3 PM…and I lost my entire first day in Austin. But, I still made the most of the time I had and I have more than one recap on that trip coming for you later this week. Stay tuned!


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  1. Gold Clutter
    March 28, 2017 / 3:55 am

    Asheville is the best. Next time you're there, you need to go to White Duck Taco. They have the best food.

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