Monday Thoughts

Monday, we meet again and this week’s gloomy forecast has my productivity feeling less than optimal. It’s a countdown to  Memorial Day this weekend and I’m more than ready for a few days off. However, I’m determined to get quite a few new posts up for you this week! An outfit post, a beauty post, and a how to post. Stay tuned, but in the meantime, I’ve gathered up some rainy Monday reading for you.

  • A (real life) friend sent this to me last week and yet again I wondered if should have seperated blog from personal Instagram. Let’s not even get into the fact the first person mentioned is also named Heather. Bloggers, friends of bloggers, what are your thoughts?
  • My sister is getting married this weekend out in rural Virginia. Just an FYI so you can be prepared for lots of Instagrams of flower crowns, craft beer, and mountain views.
  • I’ve tried pretty much all the meal subscription boxes, but the past couple weeks I have been doing Hello Fresh. I would highly recommend over all the other options. The meals take 30 minutes tops to make start to finish, the chopping is nothing compared to Blue Apron, and every dish has absolutely delicious. Get $20 off your first box here.
  • I haven’t covered it a whole lot on the blog, but this winter and spring were busy with seeing what felt like at least 100 houses around DC. No surprise given that I’m a blogger, but I have a fairly specific idea of what I’m looking for, and nothing quite fit the bill for both me and Adam—at least within budget. Now the search has shifted to finding an apartment that starts in July, so if you know of any great buildings in the District, or anyone leaving an apartment, let me know!

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