What Podcasts Are You Listening To?

While I’ve literally never turned my TV on — I bought it only to coerce Adam to hang out at my house rather than his when we started dating — I’m an avid podcast listener. Whenever I’m hanging around the apartment, cooking, doing laundry, editing photos, I always have a podcast on. Music is great if there’s someone else there, but if I’m the only one, I want to be learning something. Not saying I’m always learning something intellectual, but at least something entertaining. Cocktail party conversation nuggets, if you will.

So, what podcasts am I listening to these days? While it seems I find something new every day, these are the ones that I return to again and again, and the ones I anxiously await the next season of each time they end.

DESIGN MATTERS WITH DEBBIE MILLMAN For when I’m feeling a little bit intellectual and little bit artsy, Debbie Millman’s conversations with designers of all sort are often lengthy but always intriguing.

THE LIVELY SHOW To be totally honest, there have been moments this season where I’m like “Oh my lord, Jess Lively has gone off the deep end.” But, no matter how out there or “woo-woo” she gets, I still love her approachable speaking style and her focus on intuition.

NEW YORK MAGAZINE’S SEX LIVES From discussing an orgy in the Hamptons to talking with a sex coach to recounting every dating tale out there, this podcast is one of the most entertaining out there…and I’m devastated that it’s in its last weeks. If y’all know of a similar podcast, I need to know it.

ON BEING WITH KRISTA TIPPETT I don’t listen to every single one of the On Being podcasts because they are sometimes epically long, but whenever there’s an intriguing deep dive into some topic of humanity that I’m interested in, I make time to listen all the way through.

NPR POLITICS I rely on NPR Politics podcast to keep me up to date on all the latest, or at least to break it down for me. I’m so attached to the podcast at this point that I was super bummed when I was out of town for their live taping here in DC.

OH BOY BY MAN REPELLER Another one of the longer format podcasts I listen to (I wish everyone would keep it to 25-45 minutes, but alas), Oh Boy interviews awesome women doing awesome things. Usually there’s a style bend, but their careers are as diverse as their fashion choices.

TINY DESK CONCERTS This is the podcast I put on when I want to seem cool and in the know with all the hip indie music.

SEX WITH EMILY Looking for an entertaining and lighthearted road trip podcast? This is it. Every possible sex question you could ever have, or didn’t even realize you could have, will be answered here in, and in best friend gossiping fashion.

WOMEN OF THE HOUR WITH LENA DUNHAM Hopefully my boyfriend doesn’t read this post since our thoughts on Lena Dunham are one of our most divisive issues, but I just love her. Yes, she can be terribly out of touch on many, many levels, but I also think she’s super easy to listen to, engaging, and not afraid to dive into touchy subject.

What are some of your favorite podcasts? I’m always looking for new recommendations and would love to know what you’re listening to and loving these days!


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