Signs of Summer: The Tomato Sandwich


I remember my dad making tomato sandwiches growing up and I was utterly grossed out. Salt and pepper being sprinkled over summer’s ripe, red tomatos, slices of white bread—absolutely nothing seemed appealing about the situation. Except the mayonnaise, of course. I’ve always had an obsession with mayonnaise that borders on a certifiable food fetish. Also, when I say mayonnaise, I mean Duke’s. Nothing else is acceptable.


Luckily, I grew up and came to appreciate the tomato sandwich and, currently, Adam plays my former role, telling me, “I’ll never eat a tomato sandwich.” That’s fine. That means more for me. Especially when I forgo a a normal dinner, like I did last night, to make a tomato sandwich with nothing else. No sides. Just juicy tomato, spongy white bread, and tangy mayonnaise.


tomato sandwich - duke's mayonnaise

tomato sandwich - duke's mayonnaise



White bread (the cheap kind in the bread aisle at a regular old grocery store)
Farmers market tomatoes
Duke’s Mayonnaise

Toast the bread lightly. This is a divisive step, but one I swear by.
Slice the tomatoes to your desired thickness. I’m normally not a huge tomato fan, and I prefer mine on the thinner side and layered.
Slather thick globs of Duke’s Mayonnaise all over both pieces of bread.
Season with salt and pepper. Assemble. Eat. Enjoy.


Tomato Sandwich - Duke's Mayonnaise

Tomato Sandwich - Duke's Mayonnaise


Also, that Virginia tea towell you see in the background was a gift from a sweet friend and I believe she got it at Union Market in DC, but if you’re looking for something similar, try one of the options below. Most are available on Amazon.


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