Summer’s Last Glimpses of the Little White Dress

With Labor Day quickly approaching, we’ve somehow reached the last glimpses of summer. The weather here in Washington has already transitioned from stifling humidity to a cool low 70’s, and I’ve been drinking my morning coffee hot for over a week now.

I can’t give up on summer quite yet though, and I plan on wearing all the white dresses and all the white shorts and all the white pants right on into fall. Whether dressed up or down, a little white dress is always a refreshing and pretty look. I found this white dress a couple years ago at Anthropologie, and true to form, they still have a collection of feminine white dresses to choose from. I’ve linked some of my favorites below.

Side note that this dress made me think of: did anyone read the book Girls in White Dresses years ago? The author came out with a book about life in DC this past year and, for any of you DC readers, it’s a frighteningly and hilariously accurate glimpse into what life in this city is often like…even more so because she lived just a block or so from my old apartment while writing the book. It’s called The Hopefuls and it’s worth picking up.

So, if you do end up with a little white dress at the end of summer and don’t want to wait until next summer to wear it, what should you do? Grab a jean jacket or a leather moto jacket and keep on wearing that dress until the temperatures drop.

Thank you to Zero George, who you already read about in my Charleston: The Food and The Drink post, for hosting us for cocktails during our stay in Charleston, South Carolina — their perfectly elegant, Southern veranda served as the gorgeous backdrop for these photos. 


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