Mixing Up a Tequila Cocktail


Do you have a go to cocktail for evenings at home or hosting friends? I’ve been in need of an easy cocktail recipe that goes beyond my normal repertoire of whiskey and water, but I also didn’t want to spend 10 minutes with a cocktail shaker or a muddle. I’m not trying to pull out a torch to set my drink on fire or add in 5 different herbs.

Luckily, I worked with Gran Centenario Tequila and Agavero Orange Liqueur to create a drink that you can throw together in under a minute, which makes it perfect for easy entertaining. You can mix up a delicious cocktail while still carrying on a conversation with guests. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that this particular drink let’s us hang on to those last days of summer.

Since I’m not usually a tequila drinker, I’d never even had a classic Tequila Sunrise, but I’m not sure I need to now that I’ve tried this delicious take on it. Orange liqueur kicks up the classic recipe and makes just a bit more special.


1.5 oz. Gran Centenario Reposado
3/4 oz Agavero Orange Liqueur
4 oz. orange juice
Drizzle of grenadine

Combine tequila, liqueur, and orange juice. Drizzle in grenadine so that it spreads throughout the bottom of the glass, creating the sunrise effect. Cheers!

This post was sponsored by Gran Centenario and Agavero Orange. All opinions, thoughts, and photos are, as always, my own.


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