Weekend Thoughts

Happy Friday, y’all! It’s been a good and productive week, which I needed after being sick and out of commission for a week and a half. It really had felt like I never got back in the swing of things after returning from Europe, then I was down and out besides just dragging myself to work for 10 days. Not the ideal way to start the fall and I was feeling way behind on life.

This week though, I felt like I was cranking through blog content, catching up on posts that had been just sitting in queue, lined up a few new collaborations, deep cleaned the apartment, cooked dinner every night, brought my lunches to work, did laundry, worked out every day. I even did a little online shopping to round out my fall wardrobe. Yup, I’m feeling on top of things again.

Since it’s Friday, I have a little bit of Friday reading for your lazy afternoon…

  • First things first, did y’all check out my apartment tour over on Houzz?! It’s always been my dream to have a home tour published, and I am SO excited to share mine with the internet! 
  • Yesterday I published a post about my experience with some of the recent art exhibits and installations that one could as “made for Instagram.” There’s a lot of positive in bringing people into art through social media, but there also needs to be a respect for others’ experience. 
  • And, again, how Instagram affects our perception. Since I just returned from Paris a few weeks ago, this post was an interesting read. I even had a similar experience in a restaurant in France where it was the most unbelievable space, but the Instagram I wanted to take just couldn’t do it justice. These little images are best suited to the details and we can lose the bigger picture.
  • Looking to do a little shopping this weekend? Anthropologie is offering 25% off everything, including sale, on their website. There are tons of shirts under $20, swimsuits under $15. You NEED to check it out.
  • So, I’m wearing this ivory top in WAY too many blog posts taken on a different days recently. It’s $16 now. You definitely need it.
  • In other things you need, these undies. Believe me, they are the comfiest I’ve ever found.

And, with all that, it’s time for the weekend. I have lots of meals with friends on top, checking out the new Made in DC shop, and a fall blog shoot (so excited for the outfits!) Check it all out over on Instagram.


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