Should You Go Engagement Ring Shopping?

One of the questions I’ve gotten the most since getting engaged is, did you know it was coming? Well DUH, yes, I knew it was coming. This is 2017, and hopefully most engagements are a two person decision, not a question that comes out of nowhere.

Another question that seems to come up again and again, particularly from those friends not yet engaged, is did we look at rings? And, the answer to that question, is also yes.

Back in the spring, Adam said to me one evening, “So…not to freak you out, but I need you to start thinking about the ring you want.” My response? “WELL, not to freak YOU out, but would you like to see all my saved images of rings I like?”


Given that I’m not one for surprises and I have a good sense of my personal style, I thought I had a clear idea of what I wanted — a dark sapphire or black diamond set in yellow gold with a very, very delicate pave band. To confirm this, I went with a good friend to a few different jewelers where I quickly realized what I thought I wanted wasn’t what I wanted at all. On my hand, sapphires and other dark stones didn’t seem to say “engagement” and, as one of the jewelers pointed out, this is the traditional opportunity to get a diamond ring – I can get a sapphire for any occasion.

Adam and I then went shopping together a few weeks later to go over what I had seen on my previous trip. We went to a fancy jeweler down the street from my apartment, because why not go all out if you’re just browsing? There, amidst glittery cases of rings, we established that while I wasn’t too picky about the cut of the diamond, I did want a stone that was taller than it was wide, yellow gold, and diamonds on the band. I left the jeweler more confident in my choice, and Adam had a solid idea of what he was going to do.


should you go engagement ring shopping


So, would I recommend going ring shopping? Absolutely. Whether you do it on your own or with your significant other, it’s important to actually see the rings on your hand to get an accurate idea of what you want. A ring is no small investment, so it would seem silly not to do your research and make sure that you’ll want to wear this piece of jewelry every single day. If you’re doing something custom, it’s particularly important for your significant other to see exactly what you like and don’t like so that he can better work with a jeweler on your ring. Of course, I am willing to believe there are women out there who truly want to be surprised with the ring, but I’d make a bold guess that most of us do not fall into that camp.


Despite all the lead up, looking, and obsessing over ring options on Instagram, I still ended up completely surprised at what Adam gave me. Working with a jeweler back in Austin, he used his grandmother’s emerald cut diamond on a yellow gold band with diamonds, but he went a bit rogue and added a delicate halo at the jeweler’s suggestion to give the emerald cut some sparkle. A halo was something I was sure that I did not want, yet the jeweler was correct — it adds a whole lot of sparkle and I absolutely love what I ended up with.



  1. Diana Pearl
    October 13, 2017 / 7:41 pm

    I totally agree, I think it's important for something that's so expensive (and that you'll wear so often!) to make sure you get what you want. Your ring is gorgeous, HUGE congrats on your engagement. x Diana //

  2. Betsy Transatlantically
    October 18, 2017 / 5:13 am

    We went looking together a few months before we got engaged, and I had the same discovery as you – the style I thought I wanted didn't look good on my hand! I was totally surprised by both the proposal and the ring even though I knew they were coming 🙂

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