We’re Engaged!

Okay, okay, I know I’ve mentioned this in passing on here already, but I have yet to do an official post announcing our engagement, so here it is! Adam and I got engaged on September 16, right before we left on our European adventure!

I had a feeling he might propose at some point during our trip (I mean…we were going to Paris, c’mon!), so he totally threw me off by popping the question beforehand. That day, we’d hosted a housewarming brunch and had such a fun time with so many sweet friends, and he proposed in our apartment after everyone had left for the evening. It was super low key which is just what I was hoping for.

It took so much stress off both of us to go into our trip already engaged. Adam didn’t have to worry about traveling abroad carrying a ring and I didn’t have to wonder if it was coming at every turn. We were able to just relax, enjoy our time in France and Iceland, and avoid the “Have you set a date?” — “No, because we got engaged yesterday” conversations for at least the first week or so. And, yes, this was the first picture I posted after our engagement — I wanted to wait several days to do the social media post so that we’d have plenty of time to let all of our family know.

So, have we set a date? Nope, not yet, but we’re thinking next winter. I love the idea of a cozy, intimate wedding in December, and obviously this year would be just a bit too soon. However, you can rest assured that while I won’t be turning this into a bridal blog, I’ll certainly keep you up to date throughout the process.

Until then, we’ll keep finding every excuse to toast to our engagement!


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