An Instant Classic: Everlane Cashmere

Let me start off by saying, in the first week alone that I had this gray cashmere v-neck sweater, I wore it so many times that Adam commented on its regular appearances. I’m not sure if he often notices what I’m wearing, but that tells me it’s basically become my uniform. Seriously, I’d wear it every day if I could. It’s that classic and that comfortable.


Everlane is one of those brands that I’d seen around but it took me until this fall to actually make moves and explore it for myself. Well, I’m never looking back. Their pieces are timeless and tailored, yet they feel totally current and young at the same time. That’s a tough balance to strike but they do it every time.


These dark jeans are totally work appropriate between the wash and the not too tight fit, yet I’m also comfortable wearing them with a tucked in black cami for an evening out. The mules are spot on this season and the deep merlot color goes with literally everything in my closet. No need to worry about black v. brown v. navy when you go with an outside the box neutral.

And the sweater? Well, I already told you above – I’m obsessed. Nothing else to say here. Just get one for yourself. You won’t regret it.


I picked up this vintage black coach bag in Austin at a secondhand store when I was there this past summer. I thought it was navy when I bought it – I was wrong, but I love it nonetheless (though I still need a navy one…) Perhaps the best thing about it is that I can fit my camera with its 3 lb lens inside this purse. It’s been a lifesaver when traveling. You can find tons of similar purses on etsy.

My bracelet is a Charleston Rice Bead Bracelet from Candy Shop Vintage. You first read about this amazing vintage and new jewelry store in my Charleston shopping recap and this bracelet has continued to be an almost daily accessory. 


 These pictures were taken on my first trip out to the National Arboretum. Dana and I went in search of a fall setting – we failed. But, I was totally digging the vibe in this lush garden. I wouldn’t say it made for the most seasonally appropriate pictures, but such is life.

Photos by Kimberly Graydon


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