Why Creating a Wedding Inspiration Pinterest Board is a Must

I recently read an article that said 70% of brides to be had Pinterest wedding boards before they were engaged. Honestly, not only do I believe that stat, but I’d believe they probably had them before they even met their significant other. I mean…I totally did even though I thought I would actually end up eloping someday. My board wasn’t even private, just sitting right there in the open for anyone that clicked on my Pinterest to see.


wedding inspiration - wedding pinterest board - winter wedding inspiration



And, now that I’m in the very, very beginning stages of planning a wedding, I’ve realized that anyone who thinks they might be remotely interested in the aesthetic aspects of their future wedding should think about taking a slow evening to scroll through Pinterest and add a few things to a board. Anyone who is engaged? You 100% need to jump on Pinterest and start pinning.

Planning a wedding, even a tiny wedding, is a big task and you need to start somewhere or you’ll end up overwhelmed with a hodge podge of things thrown together that won’t create a cohesive look. Without a clear idea of what you want, it will be difficult to narrow down anything — from venues to dresses to color palettes, you need a vision of where you’re going. I had years of pins on my Pinterest board and while my tastes have changed a bit, looking at all the images together on an inspiration board helped me see where I had common themes.


wedding inspiration - wedding pinterest board - winter wedding inspiration


Just start pinning! Seriously, anything that catches your eye. Themes will emerge later. You’ll start to see trends in the colors you gravitate towards, the types of dresses you’re lusting after, and the seasons you prefer. Type something as simple as “wedding dresses” in Pinterest and see what comes up. Maybe try “Virginia wedding” if you plan on getting married in Virginia, or whatever your state may be.

Check out websites like Style Me Pretty and Once Wed. These are great for inspiration because on the homepage alone you’ll see a weddings that run the gamut from rustic to glamorous. If you’re not sure what to search for directly on Pinterest, this is perfect for letting you get a taste of all sorts of options. Plus, you can pin from the websites.


wedding inspiration - wedding pinterest board - winter wedding inspiration



Navy and gold appeared again and again throughout the images I found. Flowers were noticeably absent unless used as a white accent with greenery. Fur stoles over wedding dresses were another running theme. As I started to cull through the inspiration I found, it became clear I have two options to choose from — a classic wedding in the spring with a navy, gold, and white color palette or an intimate dinner party in the winter with a navy, gold, sage, and ivory color palette. As you can see above, I’ve cleared out one of those options from my board to concentrate on the other…


wedding inspiration - wedding pinterest board - winter wedding inspiration



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