Finding the Key to Better Sleep with a Small Space Humidifier

As you’ve read in previous posts thus far in 2018, one of the big things I’m focusing on this year is taking care of myself and relaxing. I’m not sure if it’s because we live in a tall apartment building, but we almost never have to turn on the heat. I blame it on the heat rising from the apartments below us, and whether or not that’s factually accurate, I’m sticking to it.

That’s great for our electric bill, but not so great for sleeping in dry air due to heating every night. I’ve been waking up in the morning feeling totally dehydrated and just blah, so this week I finally decided to do something about it.


The obvious answer for dealing with dry air is to get a humidifier. I wanted one that wasn’t too intrusive and when I started looking at the options, I decided to pick a model that also could diffuse essential oils, because, why not? I’m not jumping on the essential oils pyramid scheme bandwagon, but I’ve been a fan of lavender and peppermint for years. You can thank yoga classes back in Charlottesville for that.




Okay, okay, I’m only a few days in, but YES, it is amazing. I haven’t felt dried out and uncomfortable in the morning, I’m waking up feeling refreshed instead of groggy, and last night it might have actually worked too well because we accidentally slept in until 8:40 this morning, but I did feel awake and ready to go when I got up! You can find the exact model I got on Amazon for $39 and it comes with a bottle of eucalyptus-mint essential oil, though I’ve chosen to do 5-6 drops of lavender in mine since I’ve heard eucalyptus isn’t great for cats.

I’ve even kept mine going throughout the afternoon and evening to keep my room smelling like a spa and feeling like an oasis. So, if you’re looking to improve your sleep in 2018, I’d highly recommend trying out this humidifier-diffuser combo. For $39, it’s a no-brainer.


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